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In the current international campaign Serviceplan Campaign International is implementing the communications strategy of the new brand positioning of Continental; at the forefront stand the confidence in the mobility and control of any traffic situation, based on peerless German tyre and vehicle technology. The claim “Life – enhanced by German technology” makes use of TV spots, printed adverts and advertising media at the Point of Sale (PoS), as well as online.

Hamburg, 16th March 2017 – “Life – enhanced by German technology”: this is the slogan of the new campaign of Continental, for which Serviceplan Campaign International is responsible as the international lead agency. The task was to implement the communications strategy of the new brand positioning of the international leading tyre manufacturer in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. “With immediate effect, German expertise in matters of tyre and vehicle technology will not only be the focus of our daily development activities but also our marketing and communication efforts”, said Nikolai Setzer, board member of Continental AG.

The campaign, focussing on summer tyres and associated matters, was launched in February in the UK and has since been rolled out successively to other countries. In addition to printed adverts, online and PoS advertising media, a new TV spot in 30- and 20-second versions has been used (produced by Markenfilm, direction: Hagen Decker).

“In developing the campaign, in addition to the visual content of the advertisement, emphasis was placed on the strong emotional impact of the brand. Worlds in pictures portrayed by vignettes and eye-catching text effects offer us a high degree of flexibility in the communication contents in the areas of B2B and B2C, which are becoming ever more complex”, said Carina Busch, EMEA Marketing Communications team leader at Continental.

“We are especially delighted that the new campaign has provided us with the opportunity to give the creative potential of the brand a further strong stimulus”, said Markus Kremer, Creative Director of Serviceplan Campaign International. “Beforehand, working closely with the international markets, a new strategic foundation was cast, which will give Continental a distinctly sharper profile for the future”, added Thomas Wallek, Managing Director of the House of Communication Hamburg.


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