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House of Communication


Strategic Consulting

The Serviceplan Consulting Group is the international strategy and innovation consultancy for the Serviceplan Group’s branding, marketing and sales. It supports clients in market- and customer-oriented management, branding and positioning processes, integrated communication strategies and digital transformation processes.


Creative Communication

Serviceplan is the largest independent and partner-managed creative agency in Europe. We create fascinating content and engaging campaigns that present brands in an integrated way and deliver lasting success.


Media & Data

The Mediaplus Group is the largest independent partner-managed media agency in Europe. It combines data competence and digital media know-how with integrated media planning and deep expertise in the areas of geo-media, research and media innovations. Since 1983, Mediaplus has been serving clients with innovative and creative media-management, individually branded media strategies, efficient media buying and advertising impact optimisation.


Digitalisation & Technology

Plan.Net is the Serviceplan Group’s digital communications specialist brand. It is one of the largest digital agencies in Europe and is focused on data, creativity, technology, media and platform management. More than 1,000 employees at over 25 locations worldwide develop and deliver relevant customer experiences enabling seamless digital customer journeys across all channels.


Marketing Asset Development

In 2016 Serviceplan Group established Serviceplan Solutions, an agency founded in 2012, as an own independent holding. The Serviceplan Solutions is a creative content production specialist focused on creating and managing content in a smarter way, so that the outcome is delivered faster for a better and most cost-effective result.


Insights & Research

Living up to our motto "Building Best Value", Facit combines all complementary research disciplines and provides clients with comprehensive solutions. Core services include consumer behaviour analysis, user experience optimisation and impact assessment of media and brand touchpoints. Insights gained here form the basis for strategic communication planning.

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Cannes Lions 5th place Top 10 Independent Agency of the Decade 2020
RED BOX 1st place Creation 2019
Horizont 2nd place Creation 2010 - 2019
London International Awards Independent Agency of the Year 2019
Cresta Independent Network of the Year 2019
New York Festivals Advertising Awards Independent Agency of the Year 2019
China´s Hottest Agencies 14th place Serviceplan Beijing 2020

Employer Branding

"Best Employer 2020 - No. 1 among all advertising and media agencies“
Focus Business 01/2020​

"Leading Employer Germany 2020 - Top 1% among all employers"
DIE ZEIT 03/2020