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Creative Campaigning

The core business of all agencies combined under the Serviceplan brand, including: Serviceplan Campaign, Serviceplan Content, Serviceplan Design, Serviceplan Public Relations, Serviceplan Sales and Serviceplan One is the development and implementation of integrated creative campaigns. Serviceplan is the name that Dr. Peter Haller and Rolf Stempel gave to their agency when they founded it in 1970. Haller and Stempel were many years ahead of the curve with their unique philosophy of offering an integrated range of services, from product development and design to sales and communication strategy. The name Serviceplan was therefore already part of the program at the time the agency was founded.


Innovation & Integration

The Mediaplus Group is Europe’s largest independent, partner-managed media agency. It combines integrated media planning and consulting with expertise in digital media, geo-media, research and media innovations. Since 1983 Mediaplus has been consistently synonymous with innovative and creative media management, strategic media concepts, efficient media purchasing and a result-oriented approach involving professional market and media research.


Success & Future Viability

Plan.Net Group is one of Germany's largest digital agencies and the leading partner for success and future viability in the digital age. Plan.Net was founded in 1997 and is one of the largest independent digital agencies in Europe, with a presence in more than 25 locations worldwide. The skills and communication solutions offered by Plan.Net are characterised by creativity, innovation and excellence in media and technical abilities, using innovative and effective tools and systems.


Reducing Complexity

In 2016 Serviceplan Group established Serviceplan Solutions, which had been existing as an agency since 2012, as it's own independent holding. Part of the performance portfolio of Serviceplan Solutions is the adaptable and trans-creative implementation of communication measures, together with cloud based tools for the in-house developed product "Intelligent Marketing Services" that guarantees efficiency maximising. The promise of the Solutions brand is "Reducing Complexity".


Marketing & Innnovation Strategy

Serviceplan Consulting Group is the strategy and innovation consultancy of Serviceplan Group. It successfully supports customers with market and customer-focused company management. Serviceplan Consulting Group's service areas include strategic brand management, integrated communication strategy and innovation and transformation consultancy in marketing and sales.


Insights & Innovation

Facit Group is the independent market research unit of Serviceplan Group. With Facit Research, Facit Digital, Facit Media and Facit Business Intelligence it offers the entire range of market research services using innovative methods. Clients benefit from a combination of complementary research-based disciplines under the motto "Building Best Value". It starts with understanding future consumer behaviour, the effects of media and brand touch points along with the digital experience, and ends with creating transparency in relation to the complex approach of consumer choices, through using technical and strategic solutions from the business intelligence unit.