Content Overcomes Corona

content overcomes corona

Content Overcomes Corona

Five reasons why content should be the communications driver of choice now in particular


1. For punchy marketing, content is king

Budgets are getting smaller; campaign launches are getting shorter. In spite of this, the way to remain among customers’ relevant brand sets is by anchoring content as a fully-fledged channel in media planning. It can be implemented 24/7 and provides continuous interaction, involvement and impact.


2. The digital world knows no borders, but content can provide regional anchoring

It’s a paradox of omnichannel marketing: more digital experience simultaneously leads to a desire for a regional focus and an identification with regional products and companies. Content pieces and targeted influencer campaigns featuring regional personalities create an extremely high level of involvement and interaction.


3. Content simply makes more sense

During the crisis, consumers’ need for solidarity and purpose has become more important. They demand clear messaging, clear attitudes, and unambiguous answers to their questions from the brands they buy. Trite clichés of solidarity on billboards cannot in any way fulfil this need alone.


4. In uncertain times it’s vital to establish emotional links with customers

In customer relationships, emotions are more important than ever. Regarding customers simply as consumers rather than people is not a winning formula. Advertising can kindle emotion, but by itself it cannot create genuine closeness and long-term relationships. This is done via content, addressing topics that really affect people, through content that really helps customers move forward and, if required, inspiring a real dialogue as well.


5. “Below the line” becomes “beyond the line”

Classic marketing ideas only work within the limits that are set for them. And that’s a good thing. That’s why today content and spectacular PR stunts are a central part of most campaigns because they get to places advertising cannot reach – into media editorial offices and directly into the timelines of millions of customers’ social media feeds.

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