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We love communication

Working for Serviceplan means being able to benefit from being an integrative part of the whole group and still operating as an individual agency. Our work goes way beyond advertising: we serve the entire modern communication spectrum, from strategy and market research, analysis and consulting, over classical ad campaigns, all the way to digital media concepts. We live integrated communication. At over 37 home bases worldwide.

We love our colleagues

Serviceplan operates in a totally different way than our network competitors and we handle our hierarchies in our own was, as well. We believe in flat hierarchies to guarantee smooth communication at a high level of transparency. We really live the open-door culture in comparison to other agencies, that pretend to have it. Everyone is an equal part of a team and works right in the middle of it. Beginning with the intern, all the way to the managing director.

The job variety at Serviceplan is enormous: strategists, online- and mobile- specialists, developers, design-, dialog- and CRM experts, market researchers, PR consultants, media planners, sales- and content specialists – they all work under the roof of Serviceplan, Europe’s largest owner- and partner- managed agency group.

We love our clients

And they love us. At least they tell us that all the time. Our long-lasting client relationships prove, that they feel well looked after by us. Maybe it is because we offer them the latest methods and 360° concepts, as well as first class creative work. Or maybe simply, because we are so nice to them. We do not differentiate between our clients. We treat DAX enterprises the same way we do medium-sized and small companies. We manage to pocket one or the other award in the name of our clients throughout the year. That makes them and us equally happy.


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Innovation and creativity

We have been rated on the top of international creative rankings for years in a row now. And there are good reasons for that. We strongly promote innovative and creative ideas. If we believe in your idea, we will support you with all of the means that we have at our disposal.

Training and education

We prefer the kind of colleagues that stick around for a while. We put great thought into our team constellations and make sure to consider sympathies and synergies. We want you to see Serviceplan as more than just a career station and we want to see you grow over time. That is why we offer training and education possibilities, that are tailored to fit your needs and expectations.

Employee events

We love our jobs. But we do know that life is not just all about work. We want to make you feel comfortable and happy as a colleague. That is why we offer a bunch of leisure activities for newcomers, including a range of sports and fun events of all sorts. We even have a Serviceplan rock band that you can be part of.

Please let us know about your interests and what inspires you. We will connect you with people that share your hobbies, so that you can keep on doing whatever relaxes or inspires you in your free time.



We are very colorful and diverse in many different ways. Our acronym PACE stands for our colleague values: passion, achievement, curiosity and empathy. And this is what we mean:

Your goal is to do extraordinary work and receive recognition for it. That is your motivation. You are always looking for new tasks and challenges to inspire you. You are fascinated by things that others might not even notice. This passion of yours inspires the people around you.

You perceive the collective success as part of your own achievement and take pleasure in it.  Small things make you happy on your journey towards great goals that will make you unforgettable. As soon as you have reached your goal, you are ready for the next challenge. You are open for anything and grab a chance, when it comes your way.

You strive to understand everything and you refuse to be satisfied by the next best answer. You are willing to try out new things and are not discouraged if they don´t initially work out the way you expected. You are the type that keeps asking questions until you have fully understood. 

You know exactly what you stir up in other people and you communicate in a way to be understood. You pay attention to what others are trying to tell you, even if they are not saying anything at all. Communication is your profession and your calling. You know that it means observing and comprehending with all of your senses.

The four Is are our core agency values: independence, integration, innovation and international state of mind. They shape, who we are, how we work and our vision for success.

We are partner-managed. Each partner is individually responsible for the success of his or her agency. This is how we nurture personal dedication and entrepreneurship. There are no investors or external shareholders involved. We make our own decisions without having to ask anybody.

We dedicate each day with the passion to overcome communication barriers. We connect experts of all disciplines, cultures and markets and offer the best possible solutions. Our set up allows unlimited possibilities to master challenges that seem impossible at first sight.

Our world is continuously changing. Especially in terms of communication and media. We offer creative, innovative and practical solutions to connect brands with people.

We develop successful international communication concepts for our global partners. We always take all cultural, social and economic peculiarities into consideration. We have offices and partners in many different countries. This is how we cover local needs while we maintain global communication standards.


We are always looking for new talents. Apply with your CV and/or portfolio.



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