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Airbnb – more freedom for Berlin’s home-sharers

The campaign

‘More freedom in your own four walls, more freedom for Berlin’ is the message of our new awareness campaign for Airbnb. We are therefore making a statement on behalf of home sharing in Berlin and pointing out the lack of clarity in the city’s law prohibiting change of use (Zweckentfremdungsverbot-Gesetz). One of the aims of the law is to prevent residential properties being converted into holiday homes. Currently, however, no distinction is drawn between home sharers – who let out their property to others from time to time – and professional providers of holiday accommodation.

In our awareness campaign, we hear from the people who are directly affected by the ban: hosts shown in their own homes or their local area. At berlin.airbnbcitizen.com/de, they recount their home sharing experiences and discuss the impact of the law on their personal freedom. The campaign images are aimed at the general public in Berlin and local politicians. Ads in Berlin daily newspapers, banners, mobile posters in front of party head offices, bus branding on popular routes and billboards in the city and political district, as well as a radio ad, provide information on the concept of home-sharing and on the weaknesses and lack of differentiation in the new law.

The campaign was a resounding success. Not only have numerous industry publications and local newspapers covered the issue, but the Berlin Senate has also advocated an amendment to the law in order to draw a distinction and ease the strict rules. It is now planned to allow home sharers to let out their homes to travellers for up to 60 days a year.




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