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ALS League
Song by eyes


The ALS League is a fundraiser for people suffering from ALS. As patients lose the ability to speak the only way of communicating is to use an expensive speech system.

We raise funds during the existing ‘music for life’ fundraising event but it is not easy. Standing out becomes less obvious with 700 competing associations battling for donations. The problems we encounter are: that firstly, volunteers would rather donate money for well-known associations such as the Red Cross or Amnesty International. Secondly, the financial crisis also reduces the overall cash total from donations and finally both ALS disease and the activities of the ALS-League require an explanation before we can ask for donations.

We created the ‘first song to be sung by eyes’.

In the last phase of the disease, the only way for ALS-patients to communicate is by using very expensive speech computers.

This led us to the creative concept: ‘speaking with eyes’.
The theme of the Studio Brussels fundraising event ‘the warmest week’ is ‘life is music’. We bring this claim to life in the ‘first song sang by eyes’ with the help of Belgium’s biggest rockband, dEUS-who lent their song ‘Nothing Really Ends’ for our campaign.


ALS League

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