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Flowering Tea Bags

The Idea

Samova is a tea manufacture from Hamburg that is known for their innovative and trendsetting tea products. They know: Tea tastes best when you stick to the suggested infusion time. Samova’s Flowering Tea Bags show in a wonderful and unusual way how the flavour of tea unfolds – literally – and turn the waiting time into something special.

As soon as you put the teabag into hot water, the pores of the paper begin to enlarge and an origami flower slowly opens in exact accordance with the infusion time. The challenge of producing the tea bags was to synchronize the right paper and the right folding on the optimal brewing time for each type of tea.

The enjoyment of tea is something people have to experience by themselves. That’s why Samova chose the most direct way of communication and sent the Flowering Tea Bags to 500 selected business partners. The mailing included three different types of tea and a branded Samova glass. The tea bags were also sent to selected business partners and presented in exclusive tea tasting sessions. In this way, the recipients could experience how the flavor of Samova tea beautifully unfolds while the Flowering tea bags come alive.






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