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For Life
Life Time Clock

The Idea

As a result of multiple scandals Germany has seen a dramatic decrease in Organ Donor Card Holders by nearly 33% from 2010 to 2013 – while concurrently 11,000 people are still in need of a donor organ. Each day three of them die.
To change the live’s of many we focused on the life of one: Kevin. We  built  one of the largest hour glasses ever created to represent the short time he has left. The Life Time Clock runs for 6 month. Without receiving a donor heart in time, Kevin will die.

For „Fürs Leben – Für Organspende“ the Life Time Clock made its debut at the Organ Donation Day in Stuttgart Germany.

After its highly successful debut, the Life Time Clock then toured Germany.
Once Kevin has found a new heart the Life Time Clock will be restarted for a new patient.


For Life

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Team Business Development

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