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Iceberg songs

The Idea

The poles are melting faster than ever before. But melting icebergs are simply too far away for society to relate to this global issue emotionally. With the start of the World Climate Conference, the UN (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change; short: UNFCCC) intended to send a message to the world, warning about the danger of climate change in a less judging though effective way. People all over the world should feel able to relate to the global threat of melting icebergs, and be urged to fight global warming.

Arctic scientists recorded the sounds of melting icebergs by using special underwater microphones. In collaboration with international musicians and artists, we turned these sounds into music. In order to make the people listen to the songs, and collect as much time as possible, we created a real iceberg experience on our interactive website icebergsongs.com. The mesmerizing songs merge with moving 360° images in dramatic, dark tonality. Thanks to innovative WebGL technology, three different equalizers accompany the Iceberg Songs, and users get the impression of moving among icebergs while they listen to them.

On our interactive website, we stage them in an appealing way and create an audio-visual experience with the melting icebergs. The time people are listening to the songs counts and can be shared as a symbol of commitment against the fight against climate change. With this inspired approach, we make it possible for people to access this huge topic, and to express their concerns about our planet.



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