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Penny says thank you

The Idea

PENNY has once again been named the most popular discounter in Germany this time for 2015. The award was given by the German Institute for Service Quality.  Much of this success is attributable to the more than twenty six thousand employees, who daily serve over two million customers in more than two thousand two hundred locations in Germany.

This occasion inspired PENNY to thank its employees in a very special way. In a double-page ad in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper we listed all of all PENNY's employees; these were also displayed on numerous billboards and posters. In addition, we accompanied three employees from three very different locations through their daily lives for several days to show the people behind the brand, both professionally and personally.

From three 90-second clips, which can be seen on penny.de and YouTube, we created a 60-second ad, which was shown over a weekend in the "best minute" before the news. This showed millions of people that the success of PENNY is no coincidence, but the contribution of twenty six thousand highly motivated employees who give their best every day.






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