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Quality 3G is wherever you are

The Idea

Nowadays we often cannot be with our loved ones. In this case, 3G helps to maintain emotional bonds, share experiences and communicate in real time. Quality 3G campaign emphasizes emotional aspect of communication, appealing to family, one of the most important brand values.

The TV advertising tells a story of a father and his daughter who, despite physical distance, communicate actively and warmly with a help of the 3G. The father is a land-surveyor who travels a lot but always stays in touch with his daughter, showing her beauty of Ukraine in real time. Picturesque landscapes from all over the country show width and quality of coverage and advantages of communication with a help of the 3G network, supporting the message “Quality 3G is wherever you are”.

The campaign was presented in autumn 2016 and included TV advertising, key materials used in outdoor advertising, online, and on the radio. Moreover, 360° panoramas could be viewed on augmented reality billboards with a help of Kyivstar Reality app.