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Relaunch of the brand WMF

The Idea

The WMF brand is known worldwide as a manufacturer of household wares. It has, however, presented itself as very reserved and elitist so far — with this positioning it was not included in the relevant set of the younger target group. For this reason we created an international, brand–oriented communication strategy and, resulting from this, an umbrella campaign which was adapted and spread all over the world. Thus, the WMF brand will establish itself more specifically and emotionally in this hugely competitive market.

This campaign focuses on the products and turns them from a necessary embellishment into an appreciated main player. The special idea behind our concept is that you want to create things with your own hands in your own kitchen. It's all about the love of preparing and cooking meals, and to share them with friends and family whilst always coming up with new ideas. For this you need a proper and reliable "tool", which WMF offers with its innovative and detailed products for the perfect preparation, cooking and enjoying of meals.






Team Business Development

Team Business Development

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