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Seven Cents

The Idea

A few years ago, the German government allowed health insurance companies to conclude discount agreements with manufacturers of generic drugs. It reduced the cost of these medicines – but unfortunately to such an extent that producing some of the ingredients became unprofitable. There are now hardly any manufacturers left for some of the medicines. The uncomfortable truth is that discount agreements can increase the risk of supply bottlenecks and quality issues.

Our task was to place on the political agenda some actual proposals about how to resolve the issue. To do this we used a little-known insight: generic drugs are now so cheap, the average daily dose costs no more than seven cents.

This message, which can be understood intuitively, was placed at the heart of a poster and Twitter campaign. Proposals were presented on the siebencent.de microsite and a PR package generated press feedback around the topic of supply security. This created pressure to act in the political sphere, from parliamentary parties to constituencies.


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