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The Power of World Vision

The Idea

"The Power of World Vision" is the motto of World Vision Germany's. The aim of the new campaign is an even stronger and more sustainable anchoring of the World Vision brand in the eyes of the public as a transparent organization providing effective sponsorship work on the one hand, and as an initiator and supervisor of aid projects in developing countries and crisis regions worldwide on the other. Therefore, the advertising media will focus first on classical communication for the sponsorships and the brand image of World Vision.

The campaign mechanics aim at reaching different target groups, including potential private donors and sponsors, institutions and companies, with different messages and advertising to motivate them to get involved in World Vision. The focus of the advertising media, the word "kraft" (power), is used to positively charge, with bold headlines and expressive images, and to describe and show what World Vision has achieved through community cooperation, and also can achieve in the future.

Two TV spots and five different motifs with varying themes - sponsorships, micro-credits, development aid - show snapshots of World Vision's work. 



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