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“Up to something big”. The MINI Clubman.

The idea

The international MINI Clubman campaign is being held in Germany this year. Serviceplan München Campaign X has positioned MINI Clubman with an emotional TV-spot as something stylish which provides everyday inspiration and offers space for families, friends and is known for its big plans.

The MINI Clubman combines functionality and emotionality under one roof. The strategy of combining these opposites is aimed at all car drivers who require an everyday vehicle but who do not want to compromise on design and the driving satisfaction typical of the MINI. These aspects come together aptly in the TV segment: a young family, together with friends, uses the MINI Clubman to make a journey, and not only do they enjoy the comfort and spaciousness of the car, they also have lots of fun. With the motto “Up to something big”, the MINI Clubman is positioned internationally as a practical and emotional allrounder which enables much.

In addition to the TV segment (directed by Aleksander Bach), the campaign includes several product films, a cinema spot and print and OOH photo material (photographed by Emir Haveric). Psychographic targeting is applied in the online marketing campaign.






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