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At the Serviceplan Group, we are striving to make our business more sustainable - step-by-step, day by day – which is exactly what our clients, employees and the public can expect from us. It is their confidence in us which gives us the possibilities to move, shape and innovate.

For the Serviceplan Group, sustainable business management has three dimensions: people, environment and finance.


We want our staff to be among the best in the business. We also want to keep them as long-term employees within Serviceplan Group companies. For this reason, staff satisfaction is very important for us, and we are striving to further enhance this in any way we can. To improve employee satisfaction, we conduct annual staff surveys, discuss the results of these and identify the next steps necessary to increase levels of satisfaction. Furthermore, we offer new members of staff open-ended employment contracts to reinforce our long-term commitment to them. In this way we aim to keep staff turnover below 15%.

Our staff objectives and motivation scheme ensures that customer and employee satisfaction are as well taken into account as business results, when measuring the overall performance of each individual.

Our training programme is open to all employees to support their professional and personal development. The aim is to enable all members of our staff to have continual technical training, and to develop leadership qualities.

Half of our colleagues are female. At management level, we strive for a female quota of 40 percent. For part-time parents, we offer daycare facilities. We also work with external coaches who care for colleagues in stress or emergency situations with individual coaching and support. A special-purpose fund for employees in need is available, though rarely needed.

Once a year, we also hold a major joint event, where staff from all our locations and  Serviceplan Group agencies, gather together to get to know each other a little better on a personal level, to network, to discuss new topics and trends share experience and expertise across departmental boundaries. In addition our sports programme supports physical activity to maintain our employees' health. 

We carry out three pro bono campaigns each year, making funds and staff available to support good causes. For example, our support for Munich's Kinderkunsthaus art workshop demonstrates our commitment to the often neglected creative development of young people in our society.


For us, environmental sustainability means the careful handling of natural resources and finding alternatives for waste. Travel is replaced, as far as possible, by video conferences, which save both time and resources. Our energy efficiency has continued to improve in recent years, with heat from district heating networks, dispensing with air-conditioning systems, using more energy-efficient lighting and hardware, as well as installing resource and energy saving central printer, scanner and fax stations. Where possible, we convert all our sites to green electricity.


We consider long-term planning and action to be important from a business point of view. Experience has taught us that adequate reserves ensure we retain the stability necessary in a volatile business environment. We wish to remain financially independent, with no contributions from financial investors. We already have an equity ratio of around 20%, which we shall gradually be increasing to 25%. Our partners are co-owners of the agency, as we are more interested in long-term business success rather than maximizing our short-term income.