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“Safety First” is the motto of the current campaign for Minijob-Zentrale (a public institution that administrates the social security payments of employees working in so-called “minijobs”). The campaign is out on TV, in print and in online media and promotes registering minijobbers in private households. We launched this informational campaign together with Minijob-Zentrale with the aim of convincing employers of the advantages of registering their employees. Our spots show overcautious employers who, anxious about the costs incurred by an accident, will only let their unregistered household help work while wearing maximum security equipment. We playfully contrast humour and charm with employers’ fear of high costs incurred by accidents. Our message is straightforward: Registering employees with Minijob-Zentrale makes this fear simply disappear.

Serviceplan Reputation has been running campaigns for Minijob-Zentrale since 2012, including the multiple award-winning campaign with characters from Augsburger Puppenkiste, a well-loved German children’s TV puppet show.

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Fearful employers use exaggerated methods to protect their household help. There is a simpler solution: registering your household help with Minijob-Zentrale. Registration is easy and prevents high accident costs.