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The guy who cut everything in half

guy separated
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Without legal preparation, anyone who gets divorced is at risk of losing half of their property. To ensure this message reached young people, we invented “Martin G.,” a husband who took his separation literally. After his divorce, Martin saws apart the couple’s belongings and sells his halves on eBay – from a teddy bear to a car. Additionally, he uploads a video to YouTube in which he documents the process of sawing everything apart and sarcastically thanks his ex-wife for “twelve wonderful years.”

Within just a few days, the story spread throughout the world, completely without a media budget. The “guy who cut everything in half” made news headlines in 151 countries. The video garnered over seven million clicks on YouTube and launched a heated debate on social media – even on the Facebook sites of Ashton Kutcher and Lil Wayne. People on every continent were talking about not just the crazy separation expert Martin G. but also our client’s field of expertise: divorce and prenuptial agreements.

Our campaign doubled user numbers on the German Bar Association’s consumer portal, where we provided visitors with free legal tips on divorce and prenuptial agreements as well as an overview of how lawyers can help.

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At the height of media attention, the German Bar Association revealed the backstory and made viral news headlines for the second time. Numerous German media outlets repeated our message word for word: too few married couples are legally prepared for separation.

Annual Multimedia 1x Gold 2015
LIA 1x Silver 2015
LIA 2x Bronze 2015
CommAwards 1x Bronze 2015