Willi Kaiser

Managing Partner

The more possibilities the digital world offers, the more complex transformative projects become - and thus my field of activity.

Whether optimizing the status quo, strategic repositioning or (location) development from scratch: In the past 20 years on the agency side, I have played a leading role in numerous solutions and challenges for agencies and customers. As a qualified business graduate, I advise customers with a focus on content, e-commerce and CRM. Together with integrated, cross-functional teams, I create a new, functional, realistic target including a pragmatic way to get there. My credo: Only those who look at products, services or platforms from different perspectives and never lose sight of the end customer can create meaningful solutions.

What helps me: Over 20 years of experience, a strong network, a soft spot for special challenges - and the best team.

Jens Krahe

Managing Partner

"New is always better" - this sentence has always shaped my professional life. Whether innovative products or change processes that open up new possibilities: my great passion is to create something new.

I have the basis for this, a creative spirit, by nature. I acquired the pragmatic side as a trained computer scientist and businessman with a focus on software engineering and innovation management - and have steadily expanded it in 25 years of professional practice. Experience design and product marketing quickly became the focus of my work.​​

My most important learning in the research, development and diffusion of innovation projects: Despite all passion, always maintain objectivity! That's why I always work with cross-functional teams that look at a product or an idea from all relevant perspectives. This is the only way to achieve the best possible result.