Destigmatization of the stairlift

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From the unloved emergency solution to the enabler of an active life in old age

The Cologne-based family business Liftstar, German market leader in stairlifts with its main brand Lifta, had set itself a goal: To raise awareness among potential users:inside and their relatives that a stairlift is not a last resort, but quite the opposite, a symbol of autonomy and quality of life in old age - and especially in one's own four walls. 

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Destigmatizing the stairlift: "My life, my Lifta."


The first visible result of the collaboration is an integrated campaign in which several units of the Haus der Kommunikation Cologne participated. Part of the campaign are two spots that are broadly broadcast on TV. While the first focuses on potential users of a stairlift, the second is aimed at their relatives. Under the campaign claim "My life. Mein Lifta." the measures are intended to help destigmatize the product through storytelling. Real Lifta customers were recruited as testimonials for the stories.


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