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About us


Serviceplan Design is an agency that specializes in branding and design, with a unique profile in Germany. That gives us the capability to do more for you.

Building best brands

We develop moving brands – brands that fascinate, that evoke emotions, that are successful, that touch people in different ways. At Serviceplan Design we apply knowledge, creativity and courage to create lasting brand value.

Telling stories that move

Brands are in motion – just like people. The way we communicate is changing rapidly. Target groups are becoming more segmented. People interact socially and want to be addressed as equals.

To be noticed, messages must meet these needs – the need to be addressed personally, the need to feel included, and the need to interact. That's how messages become dialogues and how experiences become stories – stories that touch people in a lasting way, stories that people remember and share.

Creating design that inspires

For us, design is how we creatively give a brand a face. Independent, distinctive, surprising – and moving. Our 360-degree approach helps us develop brands in an integrated, narrative way across all disciplines and communication channels – print, electronic media and 3D. That's how we inspire people to love brands and let brands touch them.

Connecting creative people

Brands are our passion. We love to develop a vision for a brand, to craft concepts and fill them with life. If you share our passion for successful brands, we can't wait to hear from you!

Sound consulting

As an agency specializing in branding and design, we provide sound, comprehensive consulting. A perfectly coordinated team of specialists manages and implements your design and communication projects. Our team's range of capabilities is always broad enough to develop the best solution for you.

We offer

Brand Development

We position your company and your brand and develop the brand strategy and the brand narrative. That's how we make your brand unique and create a brand that sells.

Brand Identity

From the sum of Corporate Design, Corporate Communication, Corporate Reporting as well Corporate Branding, we shape the identity of a brand and a company. This is the foundation for all communication.

Brand Design

We develop the visual appearance of your brand, whether through packaging, through a distinct brand language or through sophisticated design. This ensures that the appearance of your brand is consistent at all touch points.

Brand Spaces

We conquer the third dimension for your brand. Create fascination at points-of-sale, in shops or through your omni-channel approach, where analogue and digital communication are intelligently combined. Our exhibition concepts present your brand spatially and create an inimitable brand appearance that visitors experience with all senses.

Brand Innovation

At Serviceplan Design, an interdisciplinary team utilizes a refined Brand Thinking Process to analyze your brand. In this process, we develop innovative approaches for marketing and sales. We regularly compile current trends and brand-relevant studies and instill them with life in our Trend Safari. For this purpose, we continually observe industries and identify and evaluate business opportunities.


Christine Lischka

Management Director

Serviceplan Design

Martina Kunert

Management Director

Serviceplan Design