We hold a mirror up to this world.

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Fake news, populism and growing legal pressure. How can a media brand still provide orientation in this world?

The world of news today is crazier than any series. Nobody knows what to believe anymore. In these times the SPIEGEL should be repositioned as THE German news brand that offers reliability and orientation.

Purpose instead of disorientation

With a new strong brand purpose and an integrated campaign, we have brought back to SPIEGEL the aggressiveness and personality that Rudolf Augstein had already lived in 1962.

With the motto "We hold up a mirror to this world", we confront the powerful with their responsibility and offer people orientation, point out perspectives and encourage them to think - in film, print, OOH and online. 

Sound off
Sound on

Motifs in print and OOH illuminate current events from different perspectives - with mirrored editorial photos. An online and cinema spot shows the drastic reality - shakes up and shocks. In the digital world, the campaign develops its full power: A landing page on, as well as social ads on Facebook and Instagram resulted in over 23 million contacts, 32 million media impressions and a controversial discussion with over 10,000 comments.


The campaign sparked an intensive dialogue in Germany. Shortly after the campaign launch, AfD responded with a video in which they tried to give an answer with their own pictures and texts.

In all channels, the SPIEGEL encouraged reflection and discussion - helping people to gain new perspectives and more orientation. Orientation, which is more important today than ever.