Wine of the Year 2022

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How to get business owners excited about METRO's Wine of the Year?

Each year, METRO’s wine experts partner up with selected wine producers to create the unique blend of WINE OF THE YEAR – a collection that is able to fully satisfy high expectations of METRO customers in terms of quality, taste, price, origin and sustainability. In 2022 the WINE OF THE YEAR comes from Portugal, specifically the DOURO REGION – a UNESCO World Heritage site, recognised for its long winemaking history and viniculture. VINHAS DE MURÇA truly represent the quality and uniqueness of the Douro Valley’s best wines, and our goal was to make business owners aware of this offer

Hand-crafted goods are always perceived as superior in quality. So, we elaborate on the facts that WINE OF THE YEAR is made of hand-picked grapes and comes from a region, where winemaking was born. Combined, these facts make an easy-to-sell wine for METRO customers.

For our WINE OF THE YEAR campaign, we don’t need to say much to convince the customer – everything is already there! We just celebrate beautiful manual craft that is unique to Portugal by creating a striking visual in the traditional style of Azulejo tiles and say exactly why VINHAS DE MURÇA are a great choice for their business: TRADITIONALLY HAND-PICKED IN THE DOURO VALLEY.