Management Board

Alexander Schill

Global CCO

Alex Schill is one of the two founders of the ‘House of Communication’ in Hamburg, the Serviceplan Group’s first office outside Munich. Since 2006, alongside his role as the Group’s Global Chief Creative Officer, he represents Serviceplan in Hamburg.

After earning a degree at Berlin University of the Arts, Alex began his career in 1994 as a Junior Copywriter in Hamburg. In 2006, he joined the Serviceplan Group as a Partner and Managing Director (creative). Since 2008, Alex is the Global CCO for Serviceplan Group worldwide and is responsible for more than 20 offices in 18 countries with over 4,300 employees.

Within five years of Alex joining Serviceplan, he led the Group to the top of the National and International creative rankings. Concurrently, he drove forward the Group’s global creative expansion, while maintaining its German roots. In 2019, the Group took first place in the Red Box creativity ranking along with the same honours at the BVDW (German Association for the Digital Economy) digital creative ranking, the PAGE design ranking and in the German Media Prize. The Serviceplan Group has also been awarded the title of ‘Independent Agency of the Year’ three times internationally (London International Awards, Cresta and New York Festivals Advertising Awards).

Throughout Alex’s career, he and his teams have won more than 80 Cannes Lions. In 2020, he became a member of the Advisory Board for the international WARC Rankings.

Alex is the proud father of three children and is a creative entrepreneur. Besides his passion for advertising, he is an avid collector of historic motorbikes and enjoys riding them in numerous races around the world.

Bettina Prange


As Chief Operations Officer of the House of Communication Hamburg, Bettina Prange is responsible for 350 employees and manages all internal processes. With her partners Alex Schill and Vincent Schmidlin, they represents Serviceplan HoC in Hamburg.

Born in Freiburg, Bettina earned a degree in Industrial Engineering at the Stuttgart Media University, thereafter beginning her career as an in-house consultant for Brand Communication in Munich and Barcelona. She transitioned to agency work and managed numerous national and international clients in Berlin.

Bettina joined Serviceplan Group in 2011 as General Manager Consultancy. A year later she was given the responsibility for the strategic development of the HR department in Hamburg and soon after laid the foundation for innovative personnel work which places the emphasis on a respectful working environment and the development of each individual employee. During this time, the workforce increased from 175 to 350. Bettina has been COO and a member of the Management Board since 2018.

Bettina has managed and worked on numerous variety of clients throughout her career: e.g. BMW, Vodafone, Deutsche Bank, Osram and NUK. In 2008 she won the Silver Nail Award from the Art Directors Club Germany for her work with the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

In 2020 the Serviceplan Group was recognised as a Leading Employer Brand, receiving two ‘Best Employer’ awards.

‘Paths are made by walking.’ True to this philosophy of life, Bettina has lived and worked in many places and has always been open to change. Although she has settled down in Hamburg with her family, nevertheless the world around her and with her will never stand still.

Vincent Schmidlin

Managing Partner and Spokesman for the Serviceplan Agencies

Since 2019, Vincent Schmidlin has been Managing Partner of Serviceplan Agency Holding in Germany, with responsibility for Business Development and Integration. He develops client specific communication systems in tune with the new marketing realities. He also manages integrated solutions between national and global Serviceplan Agencies and drives forward the House of Communication concept, combining all communication disciplines under one roof. 

Born in France, Vincent completed a double master's degree in European Management in France and Germany before beginning his career in Hamburg in 1994. For more than 25 years he continues to advise numerous International clients from the broadest range of industries. He is a well-known expert on Brand and Business strategy.

Vincent has been able to help reputable market leaders and ambitious market challengers in almost all industries to achieve significant business and brand success. These shared successes have been recognized by numerous effectiveness, innovation and creativity awards and by long-standing client relationships.

Vincent is a European through and through and considers the founding treaties of the European Union to be “the most successful peace complot what the world has ever seen”. When Vincent isn’t with clients or in the agency, you’ll find him on, in or by the sea.

Serviceplan Consulting

Matthias Breitschaft

Managing Partner

Matthias is the Managing Partner at Serviceplan Consulting Group – the Strategic brand, Transformation and Innovation consultancy of the Group. Alongside his partner Alessandro Panella, he manages 45 experienced experts – to ensure that Brands and Companies keep one step ahead of the competition in the Digital Age – 25 of which are located in the ‘House of Communication’ in Hamburg

After completing his degree in Business Administration and Media at the Universities of Lüneburg and Ilmenau, Matthias started work straightaway as a Brand Strategy consultant. He has been working in agencies since 2002, managing National and International B2C and B2B clients for International agencies and Networks.

Mattias joined Serviceplan in 2018 as Managing Director of the Serviceplan Consulting Group, soon after he became Managing Partner in 2019. He advises National and International clients on matters of Brand Management as well on the subject of Digital Transformation and its effects on People, Brand, Communication and Business models.

During his career, Matthias has managed numerous clients in various ways, from Bild, Mercedes-Benz, Vodafone to OBI and Beck´s. He has won Effie’s and several other prestigious awards and often lectures at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg and the Art Directors Club Switzerland, among others. Matthias has also co-authored the paper ‘Sustainable Dynamic: Brand Management and Branding between Consistency and Compatibility’, published in the book Brand Design – Strategies for a Digital World.

Matthias has the best of both worlds – born in Westphalia along with family with Bavarian roots, Matthias has always been interested in pursuing the connection of supposed opposites to create something good and new. That is when he feels things could get really interesting.

Lukas Paschke

General Manager

As General Manager Serviceplan Consulting Group, Lukas Paschke is responsible for the Serviceplan Group’s strategic consulting topics. Together with his partners Matthias Breitschaft and Alessandro Panella, Lukas manages a 45-strong team across four locations. At the ‘House of Communication’ Hamburg, Lukas is in charge of strategy.

Born in Brazil, Lukas earned his degree in Marketing Communication at the Pforzheim University. He began his career as a Strategist, working in Munich and Barcelona prior to joining the Serviceplan Group in Hamburg.

Lukas joined the Serviceplan Group as Strategy Director in 2014. In his time with the Serviceplan Consulting Group he has been instrumental in expanding the original team of ten, working in two locations to expand the team to 45 highly experienced experts across four locations, by continuously developing the strategy portfolio from a pure communications consultancy to a holistic marketing-transformation consultancy. He has been General Manager of the Serviceplan Consulting Group since 2019.

Lukas has handled numerous National and International clients in his career, from BMW and SEAT Global to METRO, P&G and Saturn. It was for Saturn that he won an Effie in 2017.

Lukas considers himself a citizen of Germany and the world. With his Spanish wife, he has put down roots in Hamburg, but at the same time his multicultural background drives him to constantly rediscover cultures and people. Curiosity and change remain welcome companions in his life.

Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg

Lars Holling

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner (Consultancy), Lars Holling is responsible for the Integrated and Strategic Client Management of Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg and the newly created agency for O2, Serviceplan Bubble. Together with Managing Partners Leif Johannsen and Patrick Matthiensen, they lead a team of around 40 communication specialists.

Lars got an early taste for entrepreneurial freedom soon after completing his A levels and became a Freelance Event’s Organiser.  Encouraged by the positive response to his work, he decided to further his education and earned a degree in Communication Sciences in Hamburg. Soon after that, he worked for several well-known and respected agencies and clients.

He joined Serviceplan Group as a Junior Account Manager in 2009 and determinedly worked his way up. In 2018, he made the move into Management for Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg and two years later was promoted to his current position. Lars has worked on various clients including Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Telekom, Continental, DER SPIEGEL and Beck’s. For the latter he also created his favourite work: The Le BECK’S beer can, winner of numerous international awards.

Whether on horseback or walking his dog, Lars spends his leisure time in the countryside where he finds new energy and escapes from the stress of everyday life.

Leif Johannsen

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Leif Johannsen is responsible for Conceptional and Creative brand management of Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg and the newly created agency for O2, Serviceplan Bubble. Together with Managing Partners Patrick Matthiensen and Lars Hollling, they lead a team of around 40 communication specialists.

After completing his degree at the Art College in Lübeck in 2005, Leif worked in well-known and respected creative agencies in Hamburg. At the end of 2016, Leif joined the Serviceplan Group as General Manager (creative) and assumed creative responsibility for Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg. In 2020, he was promoted to Managing Partner of both Serviceplan Campaign and Serviceplan Bubble, with responsibility for clients including O2, Yello, DER SPIEGEL, DZ Bank, TUI and ATU.

Leif is a member of the Art Directors Club Germany and won the first Black Cannes Lion for Germany in the category ‘Creative Efficiency’ with his creative partner Patrick and has won more than 200 National and International creative and efficiency awards during his career. He was also honoured by the competition run by the German government and industry ‘Germany – Land of Ideas’. Prior to joining the Serviceplan Group, Leif worked on a wide range of well-known brands.

Patrick Matthiensen

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner (Creative), Patrick Matthiensen is responsible for Conceptional and Creative brand management of Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg and the newly created agency for O2, Serviceplan Bubble. Together with Managing Partners Leif Johannsen and Lars Hollling, they lead a team of around 40 communication specialists.

Soon after studying at the Hamburg Technical Art School (HTK), Patrick worked for well-known and respected Creative Agencies in Berlin and Hamburg. He joined Serviceplan Group as General Manager (Creative) at the end of 2016 and took over the creative responsibility for Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg. In 2020, he was promoted to Managing Partner of both Serviceplan Campaign and Serviceplan Bubble, with responsibility for clients including O2, Yello, DER SPIEGEL, DZ Bank, TUI and ATU.

Patrick is a member of the Art Directors Club Germany and won the first Black Cannes Lion for Germany in the category ‘Creative Efficiency’ with his creative partner Leif. He also has won more than 200 National and International creative and efficiency awards during his impressive career. He was also honoured by the competition run by the German government and industry ‘Germany – Land of Ideas’. Prior to joining the Serviceplan Group, Patrick worked on a wide range of well-known brands.

Michael Schneider

Managing Director

Michael Schneider is the Managing Director of Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg. In 2018, he established the first tailor-made interdisciplinary agency for the METRO global key account for the Serviceplan Group.

With a Master’s degree in economics from the University of Maastricht along with his training in advertising, Michael has worked in the Communications Industry for International Network agencies and Owner-Managed creative agencies for over 20 years,. He joined Serviceplan Group in 2013. He is known for integrated agency solutions and National and International holistic brand communication.

In 2013, Michael was the Management Supervisor for the Serviceplan Group’s client BMW in the German market. Since 2014, he has been responsible, first as General Manager and since 2016 as Managing Director of Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg for the National and International management of brands such as Adobe, BMW, Continental, DZ BANK and METRO.

Throughout his career Michael has managed national and international clients from a diverse range of sectors: automotive, mobile communications, technology, food, finance, fashion and wholesale.

Recently, Michael and his team won a number of national and international awards for various campaigns for METRO, such as a silver Cannes Lion, a silver Nail from ADC Germany and gold in the Best of Business-to-Business Awards.

Always up for a challenge, Michael loves to spend his free time competing in triathlon and CrossFit events. He lives with his wife and two children in his adopted city of Hamburg.

Serviceplan Campaign & Content

Florian Klietz

Managing Partner Team Campaign

As Managing Partner (Consultancy), Florian Klietz is responsible for the commercial management and supervision of Key accounts and Brand strategy for Serviceplan Campaign & Content. Together with Managing Partners, Thomas Heyen and Markus Kremer, they lead one of the Group’s Creative Flagships.

While studying Media Industry at Ilmenau Technical University, Florian discovered his passion for Brands and their communication at one of Germany’s elite Advertising Institutions in Hamburg. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration, he began his career in 2005 as a Strategic Client Consultant and Project Manager for Premium Car Brands and Technology companies.

In late 2009, Florian joined Serviceplan Group in Hamburg. There he initially handled the national market for BMW and constantly expanded its customers with international projects. As a result of this international success, in 2013 Florian spun off a unit under the umbrella of Serviceplan International Holdings which would henceforth look after the international management of BMW key accounts. Since then he has been helping to support BMW communication not only from Germany but also in many other Serviceplan Group markets. Florian was promoted to Managing Partner in 2016. Together with Thomas and Markus, they then set up a team of 40-strong internationally oriented creative experts that works for some of the Group’s biggest clients.

Other brands managed by Florian on behalf of the Serviceplan Group include Deutsche Telekom, ABInBev, OSRAM, BMW and Tchibo. For these and other clients he has run campaigns during his career that have won numerous International creative awards.

Florian’s leisure time belongs first and foremost to his wife and two children, of whom he is incredibly proud. If he has any free time left, he spends it browsing for timeless designer furniture, skiing and travelling.

Markus Kremer

Managing Partner Team Campaign

Markus Kremer manages Serviceplan Campaign & Content with his partners, Thomas Heyen and Florian Klietz, and is creatively and strategically responsible for the communication of major National and International Brands.

After studying Visual Communication in Dusseldorf, Markus moved to Hamburg in 2005 to join one of Germany’s most creative agencies. There he formed a team with Thomas Heyen and the two of them made a name for themselves in the industry. The team still exists to this day and has continued to be successful more than ever.

In early 2015, Markus and Thomas both joined the Serviceplan Group to transform an existing unit. After barely a year as General Managers, the creative team joined the Executive Board as Managing Partners and under their creative leadership, with a team of 40 highly experienced specialist, the creative agency evolved and has works for some of the Group’s largest clients. As long-standing members of the Art Directors Club Germany, Markus and Thomas enhanced the creative focus of the Hamburg office.

Markus has worked on an extensive client list within the Serviceplan Group, including Deutsche Telekom, ABInBev, Continental, BMW, Tchibo and many more. For these and several other clients he has impressively won more than 300 National and International awards.

Markus became a first-time father in April 2020 and has been on cloud nine ever since. He enjoys life in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district with his small family. As well as being a sports fan, he is a huge movie buff and loves the cinema.

Thomas Heyen

Managing Partner Team Campaign

As Managing Partner (Creative and Copywriting), Thomas Heyen is responsible for the Creative and Brand-strategy activity of Serviceplan Campaign & Content. Together with his partners Florian Klietz and Markus Kremer, they lead one of the Group’s creative flagships.

Thomas began his career in the industry at the age 22 as a Junior Advertising Account Executive in Dusseldorf. He quickly discovered that creative work, coupled with strategic thinking, was his real passion, which ultimately brought him to Hamburg. While still under 30, he rose rapidly to become a Creative Director at some of the Hamburg’s top agencies and soon after made a name for himself as an expert in the automotive sector.

He has worked for the Serviceplan Group in Hamburg since 2015 and became Managing Partner in 2016. Under his leadership, the unit which was responsible for the client BMW evolved into a team 40 experienced internationally oriented creative experts that works for some of the Group’s largest clients. Thomas also regularly writes for ‘TWELVE’, the Serviceplan Group’s magazine and is committed to art at the Hamburg office and is a member of several award juries.

Clients managed by Thomas on behalf of the Serviceplan Group include Deutsche Telekom, ABInBev, Continental, BMW and Tchibo. For these and several others well-known brands, he has impressively collected more than 300 awards throughout his career. At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Thomas has won nine Lion awards for his work on campaigns he created.

Thomas likes collecting in his private life too: as well as cooking for his wife and three children along with gathering ideas for the Novel he plans on writing when he retires, he collects weather data from his own little weather station.

Melanie Hart

Managing Director Team Content

As Managing Director of Serviceplan Campaign & Content, Melanie Hart is responsible together with her Creative Partner Jan Grothklags for providing Hamburg’s Content and Creation expertise for BMW, the largest client within the Serviceplan Group.

At the core of this role is the synergistic consolidation of the asset planning and production process in increasingly data and performance-driven marketing – with the aim of creating a premium client experience through the best possible personal approach.

Melanie’s career in the Communications Industry began in 2000. After earning a degree in Communications while working, she went through the traditional development stages of a strategic brand consultant in prestigious creative agencies in Hamburg and Amsterdam. With a strong focus on the car industry (Mercedes, Volvo, BMW) as well as on content development, content production, process optimisation and digital transformation, this shaped her career for more than 15 years.

Melanie joined the Serviceplan Group in 2009. Before being appointed as a Managing Director in 2015, she held roles as an Account Director, Management Supervisor and General Manager within the agency. Melanie especially values the agency’s entrepreneurial mindset and the individual responsibility and creative freedom. She consistently uses the latter within the agency to exemplify and push key issues for commercial success and personal wellbeing, such as enabling leadership and diversity. Her impressive diverse team of around 50 highly experienced employees repay her with loyalty, reliability and by applying the highest quality standards to their own work.

Born in Hamburg to a Latin American mother, Melanie grew up enjoying two cultures, languages and mentalities – a gift she is enthusiastically passing on to her son. She lives in the city centre with her husband and son, where she has dispensed with a car in favour of a more environmentally friendly bicycle.

Jan Grothklags

General Manager Team Content

As General Manager of Serviceplan Campaign & Content, Jan Grothklags is responsible for Art Direction, Design and Conception. For several years, Jan and Melanie Hart have created a well-respected experienced partnership that together with a team of around 50, are responsible for the client BMW.

In 2005, Jan graduated from Braunschweig University of Art with a degree in Visual Communication. His path there was anything but straightforward: after A levels, he initially studied Landscape Architecture before beginning a double degree in Industrial and Communication Design. Jan continues his passion and interest in Architecture, Design and Communication: to this day, this path still shapes and enables him to redefine the many various challenges and tasks of modern communication.

When he joined Serviceplan Group in 2009 as Art Director, Jan was able to steadily develop himself and his clients. Today, as General Manager, he contributes his experience to the development of holistic, integrated communication campaigns to support digital transformation as well as fostering and shaping a corporate culture that makes use of the creativity of all departments.

In his career, Jan has handled a very wide variety of clients with diverse remits. These range from Continental, BMW International, MINI International, Sony Europe, Alliance Global Investors and many more.

‘No water, no life’ is not just Jan’s personal motto, it also describes him well: as a competitive swimmer and surfer in his youth, these days he still garners energy, strength and new ideas whenever he dives into the water.

Serviceplan Design Hamburg

Christine Lischka

Managing Partner

Christine Lischka is Managing Partner of Serviceplan Design Hamburg, which specialises in Branding and Packaging design. She is responsible for Strategy and Creative and leads the agency with Martina Kunert.

After completing her studies at the Institute for Graphic Design in Hamburg, Christine began her career as a Designer in a Hamburg Branding and Design agency. Then after as Managing Director and Partner of a Hamburg-based Packaging Design and Branding agency, she successfully managed numerous National and International clients.

In 2014, Christine established Serviceplan Design Hamburg with Martina and since then has     impressively managed an extensive range of clients from the FMCG sector, Pharmaceutical Industry and the Retail Sector. She is passionate about the perception of design and the impact it has on Brands.

In managing numerous well-known clients throughout her career such as Ferrero, Savencia and Coca-Cola along with Bosch and Reckitt Benckiser, that between 2008 and 2014 she has won the Red Dot Design Award four times and also the iF Design Award three times. She is also the co-author of a textbook on ‘The Impact and Perception of Design’.

Christine enjoys traveling, exploring local shops and discovering the culture of the country she is visiting. Back at home in Hamburg, she integrates these experiences with her passion for Design and her knowledge of Semiotics in her daily work.

Martina Kunert

Managing Partner

Martina Kunert is the Managing Partner of Serviceplan Design Hamburg and is responsible for Client Consultancy and New Business Development. She leads the agency which specialises in Branding and Packaging Design along with Managing Partner Christine Lischka.

After taking a master’s degree at the Communications Academy in Hamburg, Martina began her career as an Account Director in a Hamburg advertising agency. She worked for clients such as Coca-Cola, Tchibo and Henkel. Subsequently, she moved to London as an Executive Director in a CI agency and managed various International clients. Ultimately, she returned to Hamburg to specialise in the areas of Packaging design and branding as Managing Partner of an International Design agency. As one of the leadership trio, Martina grew this agency into one of Europe’s leading Branding agencies.

In 2014, Martina established Serviceplan Design Hamburg as Managing Partner with Christine and since then has managed a broad range of clients from the FMCG sector, Pharmaceutical Industry and the Retail Sector. She is passionate about international Client relations and advises companies on both Corporate Identity processes and on Packaging and Brand design matters.

In her career Martina has managed numerous prestigious brands such as Campari, Red Bull, Davidoff, Heineken and Bosch and has undertaken very diverse design projects in the process. In the years between 2008 and 2014 she has won the Red Dot Design Award four times and the iF Design Award three times. She is also a popular speaker requested at various FMCG conferences.

Martina appreciates the diversity of cultures and loves the opportunity to experience it firsthand with Local Brands and New Packaging in global markets.


Michael Neuner

General Manager

Michael Neuner is General Manager of the Hamburg office of Plan.Net Performance. Besides the traditional performance disciplines of search-engine marketing, affiliate marketing and advertising on marketplaces (e.g. Amazon), Michael also promotes the data-driven and integrated management of creative and media.

After completing his business administration degree, Michael founded one of Germany’s first performance marketing agencies in 2004. After selling the business to a global media holding company in 2007, he developed national and global performance-marketing strategies for that company as general manager. From 2017 Michael was responsible for a large agency group at Facebook.

Michael joined the Serviceplan Group in May 2018. Together with his 70 colleagues in Hamburg, Munich and Cologne, he is turning Plan.Net Performance into a ‘data-driven pioneer’, while never losing sight of relevant digital user experiences and maximum client success.

Michael has managed and been responsible for many client accounts of the most diverse size and complexity throughout his career. Even today, the mix of SMEs and global corporations has a very special appeal for him. His clients come from a wide range of sectors, from tourism and automotive to health, retail and finance.

Alongside his work, Michael loves to travel to the Nordic countries and gives tips on travelling to his favourite country, Iceland.


Andreas Fuhlisch

Managing Partner

Andreas Fuhlisch is the managing partner of the media agency in the House of Communication Hamburg. Mediaplus Hamburg is the Hamburg dependence of Europe's largest independent and partner-led media agency. Mediaplus is the innovation agency for measurable brand success and stands for the consistent integration of media, digital, data and content.

Following his start at Axel Springer SE and an accompanying course of study in communications, the Hamburg-born man switches to the Bauer Media Group, where he takes over the management of print and digital marketing at Europe's largest magazine publishing house after holding various positions in the advertising division. At RMS Radio Marketing Service, Andreas was responsible for the national sales of German private radio stations and the development of advertising-financed digital radio.

After joining the Mediaplus Group, Mediaplus Hamburg has grown from 12 to 40 integrated consultants with expertise in all digital and classical media disciplines. The team looks after clients such as Rügenwalder Mühle, Bahlsen, Popp Feinkost, Schwartauer Werke and Audible. Mediaplus Hamburg won the first golden Effie for Rügenwalder Mühle in 2015.

 "Only what is really fun can be made truly good" is the professional motto after Andreas Fuhlisch leads his team and looks after his customers. Privately, the sporty family man can be found on his bike, in the garden or with his wife, son and the family dog on the Elbe.


Christoph Köhler

General Manager

Christoph Köhler is the General Manager of Neverest North. His department Is responsible for the implementation of all the Film and Video projects for the ‘House of Communication’ Hamburg.

In his youth, while other young boys dreamt of being an Astronauts or a Firemen, Christoph wanted to make films and that is exactly what he did.  It all started with using Playmobil sets with exploding action figures, moving onto MTV as a Director and Producer of successful formats. Since 2002, Christoph has worked for large well known Creative Agencies and has been in management positions since 2012.

In 2011, Christoph began working at Serviceplan Group as a freelancer on film projects for BMW along with having a Consulting role. As both Serviceplan and Christoph work extremely well together, that in 2018, Christoph began running Neverest North in an everlasting commitment and dedication to excellency. A happy ending!

Christoph has managed an impressive number of Top-quality clients in his career, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Telekom, Vodafone and Montblanc.

This has lead to campaigns handled by Christoph and his team to win multiple awards and distinctions at all the well-known and respected Creative Awards Events worldwide – a winning streak that they sure intend to maintain.

Christoph lives in Hamburg with his family and feels fortunate that he has the best job in the world.


Stefan Messerknecht

Managing Partner

Stefan Messerknecht joined hmmh, (Germany’s leading agency in connected commerce,) in 2006, as Managing Director, where he has focused on business development. Over the years, hmmh has grew to a total of over 380 employees in offices in Bremen, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, as well as in Dubai and India. The agency became part of the Serviceplan Group in summer 2014 at which time Stefan became a Managing Partner.

Before joining hmmh and after studying Business Administration at Kiel University, Stefan worked as a Strategy & Planning manager for Linotype-Hell AG and as Marketing Manager for Siemens TelPlus in the USA. From 1992 to 2006, he led the Bremen-based Messerknecht Group as managing partner.

Based on his experiences at home and abroad, Stefan addresses the importance of disruption of digital transformation and of the concomitant culture change in companies. The subject of agile management is especially close to his heart. The courage to change and knowledge of current and future market trends in the digital economy are key potential opportunities for success.

hmmh’s development into an agile, largely self-organised company has been Stefan’s focus over the last few years: moving away from functional silos and too much hierarchy towards interdisciplinary, client-orientated teams. The ‘Pioneers in future commerce’ vision is what motivates him.

Stefan is married and has three children. He loves to play hockey, is interested in European history and Bordeaux wines, and volunteers with various organisations.