Serviceplan Make

About Us


We elevate the standards in end-to-end content production and craft assets that respond to today’s demand for immersive branded stories.


The services offered by Serviceplan Make are centered around content and execution strategies that define the key features of the essential of content.

Over the past decade, content production has been transformed by the forces of digital disruption.  With increased personalization, the pressure is on to deliver larger volumes of tailored content in ways that are ever more cost-effective and customer centric. 

Therefore, we design and create unique, tailormade solutions and delivery models for each individual client need. To achieve this, we combine production and implementation expertise with innovation and technology.

We are 800+ enthusiastic makers, from around the globe, who work fully integrated with all disciplines of the House of Communication to ensure the best quality, and results, for our clients when it comes to asset and content production.

What drives us


Serviceplan Make always brings together the best talents and expertise from the sectors of film and photography; post-production; CGI; retouching; phygital innovation; scaled productions; print; digital and asset generation; as well as audio, sound, and music. This unique approach guarantees a new level of quality in brand-optimized and client-orientated production.

Execution Excellence

Serviceplan Make stands for best-in-class content and execution strategies. Our experts will define, and design, the best and most sustainable solution for your brand. We bring ideas to life by creating content with expert talents and make concepts tangible by translating them into digital and phygital spaces. In addition, we create inspiring content experiences by optimizing and maximizing output across a broad spectrum of channels.

Innovation & Technology

Serviceplan Make’s modular-driven approach, and automated content execution, delivers sustainable digital solutions. We have developed a range of tools to plan, connect, produce, deliver, and optimize assets. This has streamlined processes and integrated workflows, plus reduced management time to enable effective and impactful business results.

What we do

Consult - Content Strategy

Content Strategy sets the foundation for a data based, personalized and atomic content planning approach. We design the customer experiences and plan assets for the now and for the future (markets, seasons)

  • Data
  • Personalization
  • Atomic content planning
  • Asset planning and execution strategy

Create - Content Creation

We create and prepare suitable content for all types of formats and channels. Our creatives are driven by enthusiasm and innovation. We amplify ideas and customized to client needs and can be executed across all touchpoints.)

  • Activation
  • Experiential
  • Ideas and innovation
  • Content amplification
  • Channel creation
  • Transcreation

Craft - Content Production

With our broad production capabilities, and our excellent craftmanship, we execute highly specific assets that increase impact, awareness and fulfill your strategic goals, with a mindset that considers both phygital and digital.

  • Film/Photo
  • CGI
  • Audio
  • Social
  • Digital
  • Phygital

Connect - Content Delivery

An automated process ensures that each asset is delivered or published on time, in the right media format, and channel, to maximize personalized content distribution and increase content use, and reuse, across markets and regions.

  • Implementation
  • Adapting
  • Media
  • Technology
  • Dynamic content production

Control - Content Optimization

Based on real time data and analytics we measure efficiency and effectiveness across assets and channels. This focus on content optimization allows us to make informed and more educated decisions – so, we know precisely what to tweak to make your content even better.

  • Platform management
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Tracking
  • Exporting
  • Dashboard