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Välkommen till House of Communication Nordics!

House of Communication Nordics is located in the heart of Stockholm, the vibrant capital of Sweden. Here you find a tight knit group of people building the best brands together with remarkable clients.

Today we are a combination of two agencies, both specializing in digital communications: 

- Plan.Net is our creative digital agency focused on content, technology and platform management.
- Mediaplus is a media agency that combines data competence and marketing know-how with integrated media planning.

Our shared vision is to create flexibility for our clients. We tailor the structure of teams after the clients' preferences, always making sure they get the mix of competences needed to succeed.

The people making it all happen is a bunch of surprisingly talkative northerners and highly skilled digital strategists, content creators, web editors, CRM-consultants, marketing specialists, PR-experts and media planners. 

Together we offer an integrated range of media, creative and digital services, including everything from your (oh so important) everyday website maintenance to multi-channeled and prestigious campaigns. We work locally, nationally and internationally – often with much loved brands such as BMW and MINI, always with efficiency, passion and a touch of humor on the side.

Thanks to the worldwide network of agencies, all part of the Serviceplan Group-family, we also have the possibility to not only collaborate with amazing people around the globe, but share this knowledge, and connections, with our clients.

We are a talented team, with a digital-first approach that serves not just one, but four, countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. This creates a diverse linguistic, cultural and political environment that has great impact on what we do and how we do it. Flat hierarchies and an inherent culture of cooperation lets us create goal orientated and seamless digital customer experiences that touch both hearts and minds.

Välkommen till vår del av världen ­– Welcome to our part of the world.

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Mediaplus Nordics

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General Manager

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