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Building Best Brands

Serviceplan creates international and integrated live marketing solutions. We help our customers to transmit and establish the success of a brand culture & brand sales in any country of the world by live marketing mechanics.

Serviceplan offers an extensive 360° know-how for your brand staging. International, innovative and integrative approach is guaranteed by experienced specialists covering a wide range of fields in live communication in the areas of sales, corporate, public, consumers and digital. Our services include live marketing strategy, concept creation & implementation, strategic & tactic planning, event production & execution, guest & celebrity management, reveal brand show, event hosting. partner integrations, etc.

Louder (based in Moscow) and Serviceplan Experience (based in Dubai) complement the international live marketing expertise of the Serviceplan Group. Our specialists make possible the personal encounters and the active experience of the target group with a brand in a staged and corresponding environment.

We combine strategic consulting and concept creation with lean and efficient project management. That’s all with the aim of making your events a long lasting and give innovative live experience that leads to unique memories and long-lasting brand awareness.

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Live Marketing comprises all the communication tools that focus on creating personal contact between the target group and the manufacturer and its brand, in an active experience within a cleverly staged and emotionally appealing environment. The interplay between these elements as well as the direct and personal interaction between the manufacturer and the target group generate unique and lasting memories.

The selection of live marketing tools includes events, promotions, incentives, trade fairs, hospitality solutions, spatial communication and specific forms of personal sales.