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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a humanitarian catastrophe and the first priority over the next few weeks needs to be the protection of human life. Measures being taken to contain the virus have drastically transformed not only the way we live on a daily basis, but also the economic situation around the world.

In times of crisis, brands need to act with the utmost sensitivity. At the same time, the framework conditions for business models, messages and channels are currently changing. Strategies need to be put to the test. Vision and foresight are required. How can you best prepare yourself for the end of the crisis now?

The dynamic trajectory of the situation is making reliable predictions impossible. But our presence on the Chinese market gives us valuable future insights – into the time after the restrictions have been lifted.

We are sharing this experience and the knowledge of our specialists with you in the form of nine recommendations for action. They should help you to also recognise opportunities amid the crisis and proactively use them for the benefit of your company.

You can delve right into the session topics of Digital, Media and Brands to discover what approaches other companies are currently taking and what we can learn from the past.


Topic: Digital

Store closures. Virtual hangouts. Live commerce. The playing field for brands has moved into the digital realm. While many companies are now profiting from their digitalisation measures, others are transforming their business models in record time.

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Topic: Media

Uncertainty. Isolation. Boredom. People’s media usage behaviour has changed considerably. TV is being valued as a reliable source, streaming services are providing distraction and social media is offering a replacement for physical closeness. Brands that make targeted investments now will come out of the crisis as winners.

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Topic: Brand

Humanitarian crisis. Lockdown. Social distancing. The massive changes of the past few weeks are making it more important than ever for brands to be present and responsive. Brands that demonstrate a “story-doing” approach now can secure their place in the hearts and minds of their target group.

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"From a psychological point of view, there will be a great desire to get going again afterwards. Working and celebrating. The second half of the year will be full of professional appointments, social events, concerts, and the desire to go out. There will be this spring effect and then we will want to shout out to the world that we are back after this ugly adventure."


Gianluca Castelnuovo, University Cattolica, Milan