Humanitarian crisis. Lockdown. Social distancing.


The massive changes of the past few weeks are making it more important than ever for brands to be present and responsive. Brands that demonstrate a “story-doing” approach now can secure their place in the hearts and minds of their target group.


Our three theories regarding “Brand”

In times of uncertainty, brands should show empathy.

Life as we know it no longer exists. Drastic restrictions have been imposed on our daily lives and priorities have changed. How should your brand behave in this context and engage with people to really strike a chord with them?


People are seeking contact. Speak to your customers!

Since the beginning of the crisis, people are spending more and more time staying in contact with one another. And brands should do that too, in order to strengthen their relationships with existing customers. How can your brand now position itself as a “companion” during these difficult times?


Normal life will resume after the crisis – whether you’re ready or not.

Our experience from China shows how consumer behaviour changes in the three phases of the crisis. Which measures should your brand put in place during the crisis so it is ideally prepared for the time after it?

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We answer your questions about

Agile brand management

» How does agile brand management work in a crisis?

» How can Story-Doing be used successfully to prove the brand attitude?

» What creative idea can brands provide to answer the challenges of the crisis?

» How must brands react to changing consumer behavior?

» How should the communication strategy be adapted during the crisis?

» Which consumer insights offer brands an opportunity in the crisis?

» How can these insights be quickly translated into new product and communication ideas through “Creative Hackathons” ?

1:1 communications

» How do I stabilise new contracts and sales via targeted and current topics and offers?

» How do I react quickly and above all individually via all digital touchpoints to constantly changing conditions and requirements? 

» How and where do I reach my existing and potential customers in a very personal and highly relevant way?

» How do I position myself as a brand through individual communication as a companion in difficult times?

Recovery Plan

» How does my brand prepare for changed consumer behavior after the crisis?

» What adjustments of the marketing mix are necessary?

» How can I prepare my organization ideally for the time after the crisis and how do I bring employees with me?

» What changes in the customer journey can I anticipate?

» How can I ideally adapt my portfolio through agile innovation (e.g. digital services)?

Do you want to know how brands like Guinness or Ant Financial are currently dealing with the crisis?