Store closures. Virtual hangouts. Live commerce.


The playing field for brands has moved into the digital realm. While many companies are now profiting from their digitalisation measures, others are transforming their business models in record time.

Our three theories regarding “Digital”

Groups are organising themselves on social media. Brands too.

The crisis has led to a sharp rise in internet usage. Brands that are now making a valuable contribution are positioning themselves as part of the conversation. Which social media strategy offers the greatest opportunities for your brand during the coronavirus crisis?


E-commerce will ensure your survival, especially in a crisis.

Without digital distribution channels, the current store closures pose an existential threat. But a closer look at China shows us that digital transformation can succeed in record time. Which digitalisation measures should you prioritise now and how can they be implemented at short notice?


Crises are an opportunity to question business models.

Looking back at previous crises, we know that brands that launched product innovations during a crisis went on to gain market shares in the long term. How can you now react in an agile and efficient way to the situational changes and develop more competitive offers?

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We answer your questions about


» What role can social media play for my brand in the communication mix during the Corona crisis?

» How do I deal with my community in times of crisis?

» Which social media channels are right for me?

» How can I establish a performance-oriented social media approach and invest my budget effectively?

» How can I use Influencer Marketing specifically for my communication during the Corona crisis?

» How do I increase the efficiency of my social media measures, especially in an international context?

» How can I position myself as an efficient and cost-saving content production and distribution organization?


» What does the new Customer Journey look like when my customers adjust their usage behaviour due to crisis situations, sometimes on a daily basis?

» How can I map offline services such as customer service or product experience in my digital touchpoints?

» How should I prioritise digitization and digital commerce measures to be better prepared for the time after the crisis?

» How do I ensure the accessibility of the webshop if internal managers and IT experts suddenly go down?

» Which products have the strongest sales online/offline in comparison to before the crisis and how can I optimize my offering to take advantage?

» How strong is the visibility of my products when it comes to sales relevant channels like Google or Amazon? How can I boost sales through an optimized presence? 

Business-Design & Innovation

» How do companies become more creative and competitive in terms of their own offerings?

» How do companies analyse and react to changes in the needs of the target group. What possibilities result from this?

» How can processes and structures be geared towards agility and lean development in order to be able to react flexibly and efficiently to situational changes?

» Which tools and methods can be implemented in the company for this purpose? How do companies now benefit from agile transformation or coaching?

» Does rapid prototyping help to test new business models?

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