You are invited to an opportunity WigWam.

Our WigWam is a tried-and-tested creative process that enables us to create a wealth of ideas and solutions within the shortest time. This involves us sitting down together for two to four hours and working out a specific question together. Normally we would invite you to the House of Communication, but at the moment we are welcoming you to our virtual space

Prior to the WigWam we work with you to identify which of the nine recommendations for action offer the most potential for you right now and define a specific task that needs to be solved during the WigWam. Based on this, we will put together a team of specialists for you, consisting of strategists, creatives and media/innovation experts.

And then we can get started. As a team. Together with you. In short, intensive sprints we generate a large number of creative approaches. These ideas are regularly condensed and serve as a springboard for the next round. By the end of this iterative process, we will have created a pool of solutions and approaches, from which we then choose the best three. These can then be developed further with our expert teams.  

If you are interested, please contact me.

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Marcus Schnarr

Chief Marketing Officer International

+49 89 2050 20