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To help our clients meet challenges head on, Serviceplan International hosts the International Roadshow as an event concentrating on different significant economic regions worldwide. Our aim is to provide an in-depth look at specific markets and local audiences.

The influence of the Chinese market and its consumers’ demands on global economies is plain to see. Brands that wish to maintain growth need to make a name for themselves in China. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this need has become even stronger as China is the first nation to make its way out of the crisis and is leading the transformation. This is why we have chosen China as the focus of the next edition of our International Roadshow.

With key facts and first-hand experiences, a line-up of experts from a variety of business backgrounds will be joining us online to shed light on this market, its consumers and the new normal that is evolving from the ongoing crisis. Participants can look forward to exciting discussions related to developing efficient communication strategies and building best brands in China. Due to the current circumstances, this event will be taking place virtually.


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