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A trucker's life is not an easy one; more so in a country like the UAE where a majority of the drivers are from other countries. They leave behind their homes and families to work for minimum wages and the grueling schedule leaves them with little time or money for their own wellbeing. Accidents related to driver fatigue and worn-out tyres have been on the rise. 

Bridgestone MEA partnered with Dubai Police and RTA to launch "Eyes on the Road", a potentially life-saving health check campaign, designed to offer free health screenings to UAE truck drivers and consequently improve fitness and road safety.

Launching the campaign was an online film that celebrates a truck driver. Despite his grueling schedule he has managed a remarkable feat of clocking a million kilometers without any accidents. We recognized his efforts by giving him a whole new view of the roads he knows so well; one kilometer up in the sky, from a hot air balloon.

We followed this by turning major truck stops across the country into wellness camps where drivers were invited to get free health checks, recreation and refreshments. We also took this opportunity to give their trucks a thorough one over, starting of course, with the tyres.

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+1500 tyre checks

+2000 health checks

potentially saving hundreds of lives