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Dilly Socks is a Swiss start-up that makes cool and colourful socks. Loved by Instagram-based millenials, the brand wanted to target a younger audience of TikTok users. Yet Dilly Sock's slick Instagram aesthetic was ill-matched to TikTok's DIY attitude. So far, the brand had failed to have any impact on the platform. Dilly Socks needed a campaign idea to penetrate this growing platform and reach a new generation of sock fans.

The "Dilly Gallop Challenge" turned the traditional 2-for-1 offer in all fours, challenging participants to "gallop" like horses with socks on their hands and feet.

TikTok adverts, a tool only recently released in Switzerland, promoted the challenge and included a link to Dilly Sock's webstore. Users could enter a promo code to take advante of the offer. A campaign track that participants could set to their videos was recorded for the challenge.

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+31.500% increase in followers on TikTok

12,5 million views and over 300,000 likes for the challenge videos

traffic increase of +25% to the online store