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The organic market size has tripled in the last 15 years. However, not every German can afford a healthy nutrition. With its own brand Naturgut, the discount supermarket PENNY offers natural products for all population strata, but too few people know this. 

How can PENNY be positioned as discounter with competence in sustainability?

In idyllically imaginative pictures, PENNY encourages everyone to start their own journey - into a better, healthier life - with an elaborate film. In this way, PENNY starts a great movement that makes natural and healthy food accessible to everyone: Naturally for everyone.

In order to generate as much attention as possible, a testimonial with a wide reach who ideally represents the values of PENNY’s brand Naturgut was engaged: NENA. The singer of “99 Red Balloons” took an important role in our TVC, whose musical appeal conveys the positive mood of Naturgut.

The song “It’s A Fine Day” was arranged as an orchestral piece with epic choir sections and dedicated vocal parts in different registers for each featured role. That way, the virtue of a gigantic movement for the entire society to join in was enhanced. ​

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In the first three weeks alone, 75 million contacts were achieved with the campaign.

Deutscher Werbefilmpreis Gold 2020
New York Festival Silver 2020
ADC DE Silver 2019
CLIO Bronze 2019
Annual Multimedia Silver 2019
EPICA Bronze 2019
Commawards 1x Silver, 1x Bronze 2019
Mobius Awards Gold 2019