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The Serviceplan Group in Berlin has expanded once more and on 1 June, its new House of Communication will open in the Forum Museumsinsel, situated in Berlin’s central ‘Mitte’ district. The agency will therefore be located in one of Berlin’s most promising creative hotbeds – also bringing together under one roof, all the different services provided by Europe’s largest independent communications agency.

Berlin, May 18th 2017 — On 1 June, 2017, Serviceplan Berlin will open its new House of Communication in the ‘Bauhaus’ of the former Charité Women’s. As a result, there will be an integrated agency model established in Berlin, with all communication disciplines being offered by a single provider – beside the Serviceplan Group’s other eleven Houses of Communication worldwide. What is special about Berlin is that the services are more specifically tailored to the needs of individual clients and to the consultancy services, which should be equally inspiring to clients and employees alike.

“As from now, all communication disciplines will be more closely coordinated with each other than ever before, while service sectors will be even more clearly defined. The budget acquisitions alone over these past few months confirm to us that our offer has a great deal of credibility and is unparalleled,” states creative director, Benedikt Göttert, who is taking over the overall management of the site.

New clients of the House of Communication include the ‘Berliner Wasserbetriebe’ (Berlin’s main water utilities provider), the ‘Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammertag’ (German Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the ‘Stiftung Mercator’ (Mercator Foundation). Moreover, the budgets for the ‘AOK-Bundesverband’ (general regional health insurance association), the ‘Minijobzentrale’ (minijob-centre) and the ‘Sozialwahl’ (social election) were retained. Other customers comprise the ‘Generalzolldirektion’ (General Customs Directorate), the ‘Bundesministerium der Finanzen’ (Federal Ministry of Finance), RIO/MAN, the ‘Ministerium für Inneres und Kommunales des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen’ (Regional Ministry of the Interior and Municipal Affairs for Nordrhein-Westfalen), the ‘Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit’ (Friedrich-Naumann ‘Freedom’ Foundation), Pro-Generika e.V., the ‘Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft’ (General Association of German Insurance Companies), Selecta Management AG, Konica Minolta and the ‘Deutsche Anwaltverein’ (German Bar Association).

“The House of Communication Berlin should be the place in Germany where creativity, brand management and corporate themes converge with broader social change in an innovative way,” declares Benedikt Göttert. Themes such as sustainability, retail innovation and performance-oriented content marketing are therefore involved. Furthermore, consultancy services, in collaboration with the strategy consultancy ‘bemorrow’ should result, dealing with transformation projects in the brand management and digital business model.

“With an emphasis on the themes of sustainability, NGOs and political communications, the House of Communication has worked on developing a unique selling point, which differentiates it from the concepts behind the other Houses of Communication of the Serviceplan Group. The specialised know-how of our expert professionals also marks the House of Communication Berlin out from other local competitors and is the basis of our success,” explains Ronald Focken, managing director of the Serviceplan Group.

In the ‘Bauhaus’, Forum Museumsinsel, the agency is situated right at the heart of one of Berlin’s most vibrant creative centres – in direct proximity to the city’s museums, galleries and business start-ups, as well as the YouTube and Google innovation centre: “The setting is perfect for us as a creative agency and shall especially benefit us in our plans to expand the division campaign even more vigorously in the future,” declares Ronald Focken.

The site has already been in existence since 2009 and has grown consistently. The House of Communication Berlin now offers all agencies of the Serviceplan Group a new home: as from this point on, alongside Serviceplan Public Opinion (managing director: Jörg Ihlau), Serviceplan Corporate Reputation (managing directors: Christoph Kahlert and Joachim Schöpfer), Serviceplan Campaign (managing director: Alex Yazdi), Mediaplus Berlin (managing directors: Esther Busch and Andreas Fuhlisch) and Plan.Net Berlin, Serviceplan Content Berlin will also be represented, headed by Frank Meinke and Gerrit Grunert. The newly established agency is the result of a merger between the agency Crispy Content and Serviceplan’s existing content offering.

In addition, the agencies ‘Saint Elmo’s Berlin’ and ‘hmmh’, and in the near future, Aimaq von Lobenstein/Saint Elmo’s and the strategy consultancy ‘bemorrow’ are moving in. Also based in the new location will be ‘Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin’ (Berlin Steinbeis University), which Serviceplan has a close co-operation with. In total, 150 persons will be working on site from 1 June. 


Christiane Wolff

Christiane Wolff
Chief Corporate Communications Officer

+49 89 2050 2270

E-Mail: c.wolff(at)serviceplan.com