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Within the “Be the one who dares” BMW campaign, Saint Elmo’s Berlin, along with BMW and Microsoft, has staged part of the BMW X2 campaign as a playful high-tech experience. In a unique mixed reality application, physical reality and digital contents are combined to create an experience that you can exclusively relive through the Microsoft HoloLens. The experimental experience is in use from the end of October 2017 until March 2018.

Munich, 17th November 2017 — For the “Be the one who dares” campaign for the new BMW X2, Saint Elmo’s Berlin has worked alongside BMW and Microsoft to create a unique experience: With help from HoloLens, developed by Microsoft, users can dive into the world of the BMW X2 and experience interactive staging with the new car model. Playful challenges alternate with creative elements.
The BMW X2 has to be driven out of a maze or can be repainted in a colour pool. In this process, the Saint Elmo’s Berlin team, led by creative director Kevin Prösel, is addressing BMW X” Holo Experience elements – developed in collaboration with BMW and Microsoft – and ensuring a high level of recognition.
“We wanted to create a scenario where we can experience a fusion of real life and virtual elements of the campaign,” said Kevin Proesel. What’s also new and unique is the way that it lets the user be part of the campaign experience: At the end, a holographic selfie is taken for your own social media channels.

The BMW X2 Holo experience fits seamlessly into the “Be the one who dares” campaign for the new BMW X2. The BMW campaign accompanies the latest and most extroverted access of the X family on its communicative journey from the communicative launch at the end of October 2017 to market launch in March 2018.

The BMW X2 Holo Experience, based on Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality, is used internationally by selected BMW dealers in exclusive closed rooms and formats such as the Brand Experience Center. Visitors can already digitally experience the BMW X2 in the BMW Berlin branch, Munich branch, the Munich Automag or in the Brand Experience Center in Zurich.


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