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The new agency for impact and channel planning is headed up by Cosima Giannachi and is based in Serviceplan Group Switzerland's House of Communication. This closes the circle of media, technology and creative services, putting Mediaplus Suisse AG in an ideal position for contextual use of all media and touchpoints with maximum impact and utmost efficiency.

Zurich, December 4th 2017 — Mediaplus Suisse AG is the innovation agency for brand-specific media and takes over responsibility for the entire communication process across all media channels for its customers. The new company is a pioneer in the field of data-based impact and channel planning, and boasts the optimum combination of extensive experience in both digital and classical media. Its customers benefit from maximum efficiency and effectiveness thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies together with the latest findings from market and advertising research. Curiosity, an eye for detail, identification of trends and a passion for innovation are the company's daily driving forces.

The new company has been established by Serviceplan Group Switzerland with the support of Mediaschneider AG. This means that in the Swiss market, Mediaplus Suisse AG can make immediate use of the purchasing power of the largest owner-managed media agency network and can handle significant clients from the outset.

Urs Schneider, owner of Mediaschneider AG and a joint venture partner, had the following to say about the new agency – "Mediaplus Suisse AG represents the establishment of an independent, outstanding media service in the Serviceplan Group Switzerland's House of Communication. The new media agency also leads to a clearer differentiation of our cooperation with Serviceplan for our agency customers. We are committed to the highest level of loyalty to these agency customers for the many years of cooperation."

Andrea Malgara, Managing Director of the Mediaplus Group, added the following – "It is an important step for Mediaplus to be represented in the important location of Switzerland and in the House of Communication in Zurich. Not only does it bring us closer to the Swiss market, it also means that we can offer our processes and innovative tools more directly there for our customers."

Mediaplus AG, which was previously based in Bern, is part of the Mediaschneider Group and is managed by Christian-Kumar Meier. It has recently changed its name and no longer operates under the Mediaplus brand.

Mediaplus Suisse AG has unlimited access to the global network of the international Mediaplus Group. The latter has subsidiaries in all relevant economic areas around the globe and is the largest independent and partner-managed media agency in Europe.

Before joining the Serviceplan Group Switzerland, Cosima Giannachi, the Managing Director of the new agency, worked for WPP agencies for 20 years, around 15 of which she spent as CEO and president of the supervisory board of Mindshare AG. She has a wealth of communication and media expertise in online and offline media as well as in the field of strategy development for national and international customers from all relevant sectors.

She has been working for the newly founded company since the beginning of the year and is enjoying the challenge – "At Mediaplus Suisse AG, we always place the success of the brand at the centre of our actions. By combining market insights, technological expertise and target-group-specific creation, we can efficiently tailor messages to the various target groups and channels. We also have well-established, experienced project teams to support customers on a daily basis, both nationally and internationally, in all things marketing and communication."

Christian Baertschi, Managing Director and partner at Serviceplan Group Switzerland, had the following to say about the new Managing Director – "Cosima Giannachi is the perfect person for this challenging task. A commanding, straightforward personality, she brings with her a wealth of expertise and integrity and enjoys an excellent reputation in the market."

Mediaplus Suisse AG has started out by taking over the entire media business of the agencies in the House of Communication and is now ready to take on additional clients.

About Mediaplus Suisse AG

Mediaplus Suisse AG is a partner-managed media agency based in Zurich. The agency develops innovative media strategies that not only place the brand at the centre, but can also be adapted quickly and simply to any changes in the market. The company is part of Serviceplan Group Switzerland.
Mediaplus Suisse AG has unlimited access to the global network of the international Mediaplus Group. The latter has subsidiaries in all relevant economic areas around the globe and is the largest independent and partner-managed media agency in Europe.

About Mediaschneider AG

Mediaschneider AG was founded in 2001 and is now the leading independent media agency in Switzerland with shares in other agencies in Bern and Basel. Urs Schneider is the founder and majority shareholder as well as the president of the board of directors, while Manfred Strobl is a partner and Managing Director. Mediaschneider AG provides integrated, holistic media management with exceptional expertise in digital solutions, including with the technology subsidiary Hoy AG.

About Serviceplan Group Switzerland

The independent, partner-managed agencies Mediaplus Suisse AG (impact and channel planning), Serviceplan Suisse AG (advertising), Plan.Net Suisse AG (digital), Solutions Suisse AG (publishing) and Serviceplan Public Relations Suisse AG (content) work under one roof in a central Zurich location and employ around 120 people from 10 countries. In the shared House of Communication, versatile project teams develop interdisciplinary communication solutions for national and international customers with the common goal of "building best brands".

Serviceplan Group Switzerland is a member of the extensive international Serviceplan network with over 3,400 specialists and worldwide coverage in all relevant economic areas.

Image: Cosima Giannachi, co-founder and Managing Director of the new Mediaplus Suisse AG agency


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