Best Brands France: Amazon, Google, Samsung and Michelin named winners

Best Brands France
Best Brands France

Best Brands France: Amazon, Google, Samsung and Michelin named winners

Best Brands: Amazon, Google, Samsung and Michelin named winners at the first French edition.

Paris, 6 March 2018 – The awards ceremony for the inaugural French edition of Best Brands was held on Monday 5 March. Best Brands France will be an annual event that singles out the most successful brands from several different European countries, following an exclusive study by the GfK market research institute. During the evening, Amazon, Google, Samsung and Michelin were named 2018 winners in four different categories, based on scores they obtained from French consumers at the end of 2017.

Founded in Munich in 2004 by the Serviceplan communication agency and the GfK institute, Best Brands is a brand performance barometer. Each year, the strength of brands is measured in several European countries, according to a cross-referenced analysis of their actual economic success in the relevant market and the emotional preference of consumers.

Stéphane Richard, Chairman of Orange, opened this first French edition with a presentation on the challenges and strategies of big global brands. The event took place at the Théâtre des Sablons in Neuilly-sur-Seine, and brought together more than 300 decision-makers from business, marketing, communication and media. During the ceremony, Amazon, Google, Samsung and Michelin, closely followed by other successful French businesses, received awards in the following categories: Best Product Brand: #1 Samsung (Video & Telephony), #2 Bosch (Tools), #3 Coca Cola; Best Corporate Brand: #1 Amazon, #2 Samsung, #3 Decathlon; Best Millenials Brand:#1 Google, #2 Facebook, #3 Netflix.

About Best Brands

Launched in Germany in 2004 by Serviceplan Group and the GfK market research institute, Best Brands is now considered in several European countries to be the ultimate brand performance barometer. Best Brands is a unique concept whose track record reflects the real success of brands through the eyes of consumers, without the involvement of a judging panel. This initial Best Brands France ranking is based on the results of a study carried out by GfK on a panel of 3,000 French consumers. In November 2017, more than 200 brands were studied in 21 product categories (automobile, fashion, consumer electronics, consumer goods, etc.). The winners were named based on two cross-referenced criteria: Share of Wallet and Share of Soul. Best Brands currently exists in Germany, Italy, Benelux, China and now France.

Best Brands is the only marketing prize that measures the strength of a brand against two criteria, based on comprehensive, representative studies carried out by GfK: the actual commercial success on the market, or the “Share of Market” as it is known, and the attractiveness of the brand according to the consumers, or the “Share of Soul” as it is known.

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