Jason Romeyko takes on new role of WWECD

Jason Romeyko takes on new role of WWECD

Jason Romeyko becomes Worldwide Executive Creative Director, working alongside Serviceplan International Managing Partner Markus Noder to amplify globalisation of the network.

Munich, June 13th 2017 — Jason Romeyko will take up a newly created role of Worldwide Executive Creative Director (WWECD) at Serviceplan International, which will involve creative leadership of 34 Serviceplan agencies (Amsterdam, Bogota, Bremen, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Delhi, Dubai, Frankfurt, Guayaquil, Hong Kong, Cologne, Lima, Lisbon, London, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Mexico City, Miami, Moscow, New York, Panama City, Paris, Peking, Quito, Rennes, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Timisoara, Valencia, Vienna and Zürich). 

Alex Schill, who set up a global creative board in 2016, focused on large international budgets and campaigns, appointed Jason Romeyko to the creative board in 2016. With the appointment of Romeyko in the new role of WWCD, the Serviceplan footprint will accelerate further into a different market creatively, and continue to work in the unique integrated model of the Serviceplan House of Communication.

With Serviceplan International Managing Partner Markus Noder Romeyko will oversee the acceleration of Serviceplan International’s globalization, which will gradually roll out globally Serviceplan’s House of Communication. Serviceplan is truly integrated in the sense of having a digital arm (Plan.Net), media arm (Mediaplus) and creative arm (Serviceplan) under the umbrella of House of Communication. Romeyko’s new role involves overseeing creative, media, PR and digital agencies, enabling Romeyko and Noder to improve the creative product of every arm of the House of Communication. 

Jason Romeyko, WWECD, Serviceplan International, commented: „My dream is to take the diversity of international cultures and agency profiles to transform Serviceplan into an industry and household name. Not just in every country we are located in but beyond. I want to leave a legacy of meaningful ideas that stay in people’s memories. In expanding our global footprint, I would like to create a unique Serviceplan creative experience that clients love to participate in everyday. I know all of this will not just come from talent. We will have to work harder than everyone else. That’s why I am thankful for the roots of the group - I am hoping some German efficiency will be mixed into the magic.”

Markus Noder, Serviceplan International Managing Partner, commented: „The Serviceplan International model is really about high intensified integration, followed by innovation. Serviceplan International is effectively the only independent agency network with a truly integrated model, with the 3 elements of the House of Communication– Serviceplan, Plan.Net and Mediaplus being housed under the same roof providing a really visceral atmosphere, that offers clients the benefits of creative, digital and media in one package, as well as technical innovation, the mission of building ‚best brands’, and the security of the Serviceplan brand which will celebrate a half century in 3 years.“

The next phase for Serviceplan International involves plans to expand into North America, and emulate the success of the move into China 3 years ago – when a Serviceplan agency in Beijing was shortly followed by a 2nd Serviceplan China agency in Shanghai. The digital arm – Plan.Net – will be introduced to China this year, and it has taken only 3 years for Serviceplan International to become a serious player in the Chinese market.

About Jason Romeyko

Romeyko joined Serviceplan Group in October 2016 as Global ECD. Prior to joining Serviceplan, Romeyko was Saatchi & Saatchi WWECD for Deutsche Telekom and GSK Saatchi & Saatchi , and ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland. He spent 23 years at Saatchi & Saatchi and left on a high after winning multiple awards for Deutsche Telekom ‚Sea Hero Quest’ (2016) and Vangardist ‚HIV Heroes’ (2015). Born in Australia, and fluent in 7 languages, Romeyko brings a distinctly international attitutude and globally creative vision to Serviceplan International.

About the internationalization of Serviceplan

Under the stellar leadership of Florian Haller, Chief Executive Officer, Serviceplan Group, and Alexander Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan enjoyed continued financial and awards successes, and rapid international expansion in the last decade. As Serviceplan approaches its 50 year anniversary, it also approaches a new phase of globalisation. The expansion into North America, strengthening of agencies in Asia and Europe, and continued globalisation, is reflected in the recognition that hiring globally awarded Creative Directors is an essential part of globalisation. The recent appointment of Dimitri Guerassimov and Fabien Teichner as Joint CCO’s and Partners of Serviceplan France, and the new Worldwide role for Jason Romeyko, emphaises the importance of world class creativity.

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