The Visible Net


The Visible Net: Serviceplan Bubble Makes O₂ 5G Network Visible in Spectacular Fashion

Phone networks are there for us every day. However, we can’t see them. Until now. In an extraordinary 360-degree campaign O₂ and Serviceplan Bubble make the power of 5G visible for the first time – with the aid of special technology that translates the network’s strength into light signals. The campaign is currently on air on TV, online, in print, out of home and of course in various social channels.

Hamburg, 7 December 2021 – The O₂ network has won multiple awards. The technology magazine connect has once again rated the O₂ network “very good” in its major independent network test. With ‘The Visible Net’ campaign of O₂ and Serviceplan Bubble, it can now also be experienced visually.

To achieve this, innovative technology was combined with artistic skills. As a first step, the O₂ network signal was measured in various locations in Germany. Then, the data was transmitted to an LED bar hanging underneath a drone which converts the data into light impulses. The stronger the network signal, the brighter the light. With the aid of long exposure, photographer Kai-Uwe Gundlach was able to  create a visible network from the light patterns of the LED bar. Director Mau Morgó was responsible for the film. The whole production was handled by BWGTBLD from Berlin.

With a 60-second TVC and cinema spot, eleven different images in print, OOH, DOOH and on mega blow-ups, the O2 brand ignites the second step of its countrywide network campaign. On social media, a behind-the-scenes film accompanies the extensive communication measures. Just like various other social assets. 

“Wolfgang Metze, Chief Consumer Officer of Telefónica Deutschland/O₂: “I am very proud that today we are able to offer our customers a very good network experience: only a few days ago our O₂ network, for the second time, was awarded the mark “very good” in the important connect network test. For us, this is the perfect occasion to now continue the O₂ network offensive with 5G after our very successful 4G campaign. ‘The Visible Net’ also creates new creative standards and will further strengthen our core brand O₂.“

Michael Falkensteiner, Director of Brand & Marketing Communications Telefónica Deutschland/O₂: “In May we started our network campaign ‘Welcome to the very good network of O₂’ and ran it via all channels very successfully until the end of November. I am pleased that we are now seamlessly following this up with attention-grabbing communication measures around 5G. ‘The Visible Net’ stands out through its strong creative performance and combines technology and art in a spectacular way. Thus the campaign for O₂ marks a new milestone on the path to a superbrand.”

Leif Johannsen and Patrick Matthiensen, Managing Partners Creation at Serviceplan Bubble, explain: “Communication providers like to talk about their 5G network. Yet very few people can grasp what it means. To create clarity and to make the incomprehensible comprehensible, we go the crucial extra mile in our communication: We make O₂’s outstanding 5G network visible for the first time.”

About Serviceplan Bubble: 

Serviceplan Bubble is a fully-integrated agency system, specially tailored to O2, that is based on a partnership cooperation between client and agency. The aim is, through outstanding creation, effective processes and economic efficiency, to continually develop the brand O2. The Serviceplan Bubble started work in the year 2020 and is aimed at a long-term cooperation between O2, the core brand of Telefónica Deutschland, and the Serviceplan Group. It forms part of the Serviceplan Group.



Telefónica Germany: 

Wolfgang Metze (Chief Consumer Officer)

Michael Falkensteiner (Director Brand & Marketing Communications)

Brigitte Giels (Head of Competence Center Communication)

Nikolaus Lemli (Principal End to End Communications)

Stefanie Welter (Senior Marketing Communications Manager)

Rafael Binczyk (Senior Brand Manager)

Tobias Jacob (Senior Media Manager)

Nadine Zich (Senior Digital Content & Social Media Manager)

Franziska Günster (Customer Base Management)

Sami Abubaker (Trade Marketing Manager)

Serviceplan Bubble:

Managing Partner: Lars Holling, Leif Johannsen, Patrick Matthiensen

Account Management: Saskia Kroschewski (Client Service Director), Benedikt Bermel (Account Manager), Anna-Lena Munsch (Junior Account Managerin)

Creatives: Pavel Bondarenko (Creative Director Art), Daniel Steller (Creative Director Text), Martin Gillen (Senior Copywriter), Finnja Skornia (Senior Art Director), Tudor Cucu (Senior Art Director), Steven Hartmann (Junior Copywriter), Theresa Fechler (Art Director), Melanie Ruf (Intern Copy)

FFF: Katrin Habermann (Senior Producer)

Film Production: BWGTBLD

Havas Media Germany:

Michael Sack (Account Director), Freya Strohmeier (Group Head)

Marina Größl (Consultant Omnichannel)

Jacqueline Roth (Consultant)

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