Onward at Serviceplan: "Future Marketing – Media in Transition 2017"

Onward @ Serviceplan: "Future Marketing – Media in Transition 2017"

The House of Communication in Hamburg is continuing the "Onward @ Serviceplan" series of events which was successfully launched in 2016 and yesterday welcomed the futurist Matthias Horx to the New Year Lunchbreak.

Hamburg, 3 February 2017 — "Future Marketing – Media in Transition 2017" was the theme of the Serviceplan Group's New Year reception held on 2 February in Hamburg. The Onward @ Serviceplan series of events at the House of Communication will continue to consider key media trends in 2017 and also examine the most exciting and innovative developments in the advertising sector.

The first event of the year was attended by leading lights of the Hanseatic publicity scene and selected representatives of the media eager to hear the celebrated futurist Matthias Horx. His inspiring presentation “media world of the future” included an overview of the trends anticipated for the next few years and an assessment of their effects and the challenges they would bring for people, brands, the media and communications services providers.

Another key item on the agenda was the launch of a brand new edition of TWELVE which has been produced for the last three years exclusively for customers of the Serviceplan Group and for friends of the House of Communication.

Andreas Fuhlisch, Managing Partner of the House of Communication Hamburg said, "We are delighted that Onward @ Serviceplan has become an established format at the House of Communications. This series of events is the platform for dialogue between marketing decision makers, communications experts and representatives of the media. 'Future Marketing', the theme chosen for our first meeting in 2017, is a serious concern for many people in our sector. The insights into futurology provided by the forecaster Matthias Horx were telling confirmation of this. We are very proud to have been able to present our guests at the New Year Lunchbreak with the third edition of our magazine TWELVE.

Please find photos from the event here in our press gallery.

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