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    Tierschutzverein München e.V.

A study by the University of Glasgow has finally provided certainty: Every dog has its own individual musical taste.

Serviceplan Campaign X worked in close cooperation with the Munich Animal Welfare Association (Tierschutzverein München e.V.) to develop, based on musical taste, a way to bring dogs and new owners together. Then, by winning Spotify as media partner, “Adoptify” was born.

Sound off
Sound on

The creative campaign was celebrated in the media and generated 6.5 million euros through earned media as well as widespread emotional enthusiasm in 83 countries from China to Chile. Adoption requests to the Munich Animal Welfare Association rose by 340 percent. Within a week, these Spotify canine stars found new owners. Most importantly, animal shelter dogs now have more fans than ever before and with that, more chances of finding new homes. 

AME 2x Gold 2019
GWA Effie 1x Silver 2019
IF DESIGN AWARD 1x iF Design Award 2019
ONE SHOW 2x Merit 2019
The Internationalist 1x Silver 2019
Golden Award of Montreux  2x Gold 2018
Annual Multimedia 1x Gold 2018
ONE SHOW  3x Merit 2018
Clio 1x Silver 2018
CommAwards 1x Silver 2018
Eurobest 1x Bronze 2018
LIA 3x Bronze 2018
Eurobest 1x Gold 2017