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Legendary beer brand Beck's has become an integral part of youth society in Germany. For over 145 years Beck's has been brewing a premium beer with carefully selected ingredients and unequaled taste. The beer market has been stagnant over the last few years and canned-beer suffers from a massive image problem. To overcome this challenge and additionally stand out among competitors we tackled it at the most immediate touchpoint – the can itself. Based on the path of superior drinking cultures we gave our premium Pils the shape it deserves.

A carefully crafted beer-can made with brushed aluminum and finished with multiple laser and analogue engravings. An outstanding stand, a pinnacle in beer packaging and a breakthrough in on-the-go-drinking.

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The extraordinary shape and design truly leaves the ordinary behind.

Le Beck's was designed to improve the image of Beck's canned beer. It is a limited edition that inspires Beck's customers to associate their favorite premium Pils with a new drinking custom. Le Beck's led to our audience clinking beer where beer was never been before: at galleries, classical concerts, and exclusive private and public events. Le Beck's is a game changer for the entire canned-beer segment. The limited-edition cans were unveiled March 1st, 2018 with 5,000 carefully crafted pieces. They were presented to the public at some of the most exclusive events and were dispatched to a select group of socialites and influencers. Due to the overwhelming response, Beck’s is thinking about mass producing Le Beck's for the worldwide beer market.

Cannes Lions Silver 2018