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Not all car commercials push sales during the Holy Month of Ramadan. For its part, BMW Group Middle East sought to define its brand core, “Joy”, with a highly emotive film devoid of joy, up till the end when we finally get to see the restoration of pure delight and a glimpse of BMWs past and present.

“Two Brothers” is a multigenerational story of reconciliation that cuts through the clutter of commercialized automotive advertising by focusing on the importance of family and relationships at a time when one’s inner values as a Muslim is best on display. But while it seeks to address a core Arab audience at a time dubbed as the Middle East’s advertising Superbowl, “Two Brothers” hinges on a universal truth that is as highly relevant as it is resonant to a global audience. 

In seeking to address the heart of belongingness, one of man’s three basic psychological needs, BMW’s Ramadan spot succeeds in distilling a strong human insight into an authentic piece of communication while efficiently endearing the German brand to the Arab region, and its multi-cultural population.

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