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The coffee capsules of Café Royal® are the smart alternative for use in the Nespresso system – 100% UTZ-certified, easy to prepare, conveniently packaged, attractively priced and the winner in blind tastings.

For the capsules’ launch outside Switzerland we therefore developed a campaign with a testimonial from someone who embodies this smartness from head to toe: superstar Robbie Williams. Under the slogan ‘The Secret Agent – In the service of good taste’ and in a storytelling format, he plays a dashing secret agent on the trail of good taste – and naturally in inimitable Robbie Williams’ style.

The campaign kicked off in France with a trailer that kept the true identity of the agent under wraps. This generated all kinds of speculation and rumours on social media and in the press in November 2014, which the superstar himself fuelled further via his own channels. When Robbie Williams’ new role was announced at a top secret event on 1 December 2014 in Paris, it created quite a buzz. And plenty of coverage in the international press.

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At this event the entertainer also performed the live premiere of his hitherto unreleased song Bully, which he has contributed to the campaign. This catchy track, which captures the secret agent mood to perfection, is available for download free of charge at the Café Royal® website until the end of the year. The first official missions in the service of good taste will then start in 2015.