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In 2018 alone, over 140 media organisations around the world have been censored or closed including several daily newspapers; many journalists have been arrested. These are drastic measures taken by oppressive regimes to limit freedom of press.

As a reaction, Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg and Reporters without Borders Germany launched the campaign “Fonts for Freedom” to turn the fonts of prohibited newspapers into symbols of press freedom.

With the help of typographers, the house fonts of 9 newspapers banned by governments in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tanzania, Hungary and Russia have been reconstructed – countries with a track record of suppressing freedom of press. The fonts were then given to major German newspapers like Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Welt, TAZ and Augsburger Allgemeine. They used the Fonts for Freedom on their title- and media pages along with matching topics. This way, every single daily became a symbol of press freedom.

Further initiatives followed: When Turkish president Erdoğan visited Germany in 2018, he was confronted with billboards promoting press freedom as he left Berlin airport. The special: the confronting headlines where set in exactly the fonts of the newspapers he had recently banned.

And "Fonts for Freedom" continues: Supporters of the campaign can write their personal statement for press freedom online in one of the reconstructed fonts or donate to the campaign:

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