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GPS Quality Label
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Background: Trust is what worries the most French consumers in terms of food in 2019. 80% of French people no longer trust their daily food. To remedy this situation many French retailers and most food brands created labels that are supposed to reassure consumers and are used as marketing tools. As a result, consumers are now swimming in an ocean of labels – national and European – guaranteeing the origin and the low ecological impact.

The access to information about the origin of the products is limited. 76% of French people consider that brands and retailers do not give enough direct information on the manufacture and quality of their products, either in stores or in their communications. Understanding a label has become complicated, confusing and time consuming for people. Grocery shopping is starting to complicate the life of the consumers, rather than simplify it. 

In 2018 a new strategy was formed by Serviceplan France for and with Auchan, a French multinational retail group. By collecting data about the French consumer behaviour – through the tool Kantar Media TGI – a target was created.  This target was used to monitor changes in people’s behavior and analyzed the consumers attitude on checking labels on food products. The outcome: The majority of the target group included label checking into their shopping routine and the number of consumers checking even has increased.

Development of the GPS Quality Label – A Serviceplan France and Auchan Cooperation

In 2019 Auchan has decided to make the access to the information simpler, more transparent and more entertaining. The GPS Quality Label was developed. It offers information about the production place for all French people with a simple gesture.

Auchan has created the first and only quality label that shows where the local farmers actually produce the products. This way people can check the production quality and the origins of their food themselves by using GPS coordinates of production sites or QR codes. Consumers are able to track the progress of food using Google maps and its Street View technology. In order to that customers can be brought to the fields, factories and farms where their food comes from.

The GPS Quality Label has quickly become a symbol of Auchan’s commitment to transparency, with an 25% increase in local products sales during the campaign.

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