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How do you adapt an established company to constantly changing customer requirements and a challenging market situation?

Over the past decades, METRO has positioned itself as one of the leading global B2B wholesale brands in more than 25 countries. Now, after 55 years of market success as a wholesaler, METRO no longer offers only products but also services and digital solutions that boost its customers' business. The Cash & Carry wholesaler has become a professional 360° wholesale company whose entire brand image and identity requires further development and modernization.

More than another campaign or new sales strategy

The fully integrated agency team Serviceplan Integrated, tailored to the needs of the global customer METRO, offers comprehensive support across all relevant functions from strategy, consulting, creation, digital, data, media, social media and PR - for a holistic brand experience and for the optimal and fully integrated presentation of all customer journeys. Serviceplan has been providing strategic and creative support for the wholesaler's global marketing since 2014.

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Using an integrated production approach, we tell the personal stories of more than 20 companies from 20 different countries - in documentary style. We portray their different backgrounds, individual dreams, motivations and challenges and intelligently highlight how METRO supports each business owner in achieving his or her business goals. 

As a result, the global brand strategy proves that METRO really is the insightful and trustworthy champion of independent entrepreneurship - which is also manifested in the developed brand claim "YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR BUSINESS".


In order to place complex and professional services in the focus of communication, the global brand campaign was further developed in 2020. Under the self-confident campaign message "WE REDEFINE WHAT WHOLESALE CAN DO FOR YOU", the services offered - from the best cold chain in Europe to free digital offers - were put in relation to their advantages for the business user.