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Metro Daily Catch
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Metro, the largest fish retailer in Europe, can bring fresh fish to the stores because of its direct connection with local fishermen. Fish can be found on the shop counter today, who were swimming in the sea yesterday.

To prove our promise of freshness, we developed a special packaging idea: The Daily Catch. For the campaign we used the daily newspaper, which is both the most reliable way to illustrate the date, and at the same time the traditional packaging for fish. In collaboration with our local fisheries partners, selected batches were sent with the corresponding local newspaper of the day.

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Every time a fish was sold, we surprised clients with a special packaging - the daily newspaper of the fishing location. A self made sticker was used to close the packaging and indicate the fishing date. This way, we created the ultimate proof of freshness from an old tradition.

ADC Silver 2017
Cannes Lions Silver 2016
Red Dot Award Silver 2016
LIA Bronze 2016